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Walking Dead Alert: SCOTT WILSON Joins the Horror Convention Circuit!

Announced just minutes ago on MonsterMania Convention's Facebook page. SCOTT WILSON is joining the horror convention circuit. Known to horror fans for his role in "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" & as Herschel in "The Walking Dead", Scott has an extenve resume in cinema. MonsterMania promoter Dave Hagan had the following to say:

"WALKING DEAD ALERT!!!! We are VERY excited to announce that SCOTT WILSON who plays the role of HERSCHEL on THE WALKING DEAD has just been added to MONSTER-MANIA CON 23! Scott joined the series in Season 2 in the pivotal role of the farmer HERSCHEL who gave refuge to the group of survivors. Scott should be no stranger to horror fans as he has starred in such films as THE EXORCIST III, BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, THE HOST, MONSTER, and IN COLD BLOOD. Scott also played roles in films such as DEAD MAN WALKING, YOUNG GUNS II, THE RIGHT STUFF, THE LAST SAMURAI, G.I. JANE, THE AVIATOR, THE HEARTBREAK KID, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT and many others. Scott will be joining STEVEN YEUN and EMILY KINNEY for a bit of a WALKING DEAD REUNION. This is SCOTT WILSON'S FIRST CON EVER and we are thrilled to welcome him to MONSTER-MANIA CON!"

Information for the next MonsterMania Convention next weekend in Hunt Valley, MD can be found here on Horrorbid at or you can check out for more information.
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