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New Australian Horror Magazine: SLFX Blood, Guts, Gore, Death Metal & BOOBS!

Hey Horror lovers, Slaughter FX is now starting a new 52 Page Full Colour magazine down under called Slaughter FX “Australia’s Home of Horror”.

Our new magazine is full of blood, guts, gore, death metal and tits. Please be sure to like and support our page, there is many

ways for all you crazy twisted peeps to get involved. We are primarily horror prop makers who also make and produce horror films. So if your after anything dead for Halloween check out our webte:

Hit the link

LIKE it and SHARE it around the world for us!!

We promise this mag will blow your minds!!! We are after pics of your horror tattoos, horror art, piercings, violent accidents and wounds, and up and coming death metal/blackmetal/punk/screamo/grind core/industrial/goth rave/hXc/love metal bands who want to get their voices out there.

Cheers Guys.
KaylaSLFX Tuesday 9/18/2012 at 02:56 AM | 96536