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There's That Guy... R.I.P. Edition: We Remember Horrors Unheralded Actors

It seems as if many readers enjoyed the "Theres that guy" series. I have seen many numbers under the views. Today was the first I had learned of a great character actor who had passed a week ago. He was loved by many and was labeled as someone who was a pleasure to work with.

Welcome to the R.I.P. edition of..."Theres that guy". This will be a new series to show respect to the great actors we all know and love who have a horror connection.

Today we take a look at...

Lance LeGault

Who the hell was Lance LeGault? Well, anyone who was anyone during the 80s watched The A-Team. Lance Legault was the actor that played the hardcore, non-stop, gung ho, full speed ahead, out for justice, criminal chang, gun toting Colonel Roderick Decker.

No matter how hard he tried, there was no chance of capturing Hannibal and his crew. They were always one step ahead.

LeGault also played in other series such as Knight Rider, Dallas, T.J. Hooker, Airwolf and a number of films. Granted...most of his work was televion shows, but the 10 million dollar question is of course...

Whats the horror connection?

Lance LeGault was in 29 episodes of a 30 minute televion series titled "Werewolf" that only ran from 1987 to 1988 as Alamo Joe Rogan.

He was also in a 1996 action/horror/sci-fi film titled Dark Breed as "Cutter". Ironically, he was cast in this film along with our favorite homeless man and credited as such George "Buck" Flower from our first edition of "Theres that guy".

With eyes that could stare a berian tiger into certain death and a gruff deep voice that could shatter soundproof glass...Lance LeGault graced the screen from 1962 to 2009.

Thank you r and Rest in Peace. You have entertained us well.

Lance LeGault


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