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Spooky Empire and Freak Show Horror Film Festival October

Hello all.

Just letting you guys know that our zombie short "Act of Love" will be screening this October at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival.

The Festival will be part of Spooky Empire so if you're there on Sunday, October 28th, feel free to swing by and check it out!

We will be showing at 2 p.m. and the awards will be at 5.

Robert Englund will be receiving a lifetime achievement award which is cool.

Should be some great films throughout the weekend as well.


Spooky Empire

Freak Show Horror Film Festival Schedule
maverick96 Thursday 9/20/2012 at 01:19 AM | 96579
Just wanted to update about our experience at the Spooky Empire/Freak Show Film Festival held at the Hilton in Orlando.

We had a fantastic time and the larger venue was a blesng as it was a pretty big show.

It was great to be able to screen our short Act of Love for others and we had a blast hanging out and meeting some cool people.

Here are some pics from over the weekend!

Weekend Passes-YAY!

Next to the gn with our film on it. :)

Micheal Myers in May and now Jason!!!

With Jimmy Dempster and Christina Bach from Rockabilly Zombie Weekend.

I had the opportunity to work on this film and look forward to seeing it next year!

P.J. Soles-Such a sweetheart!

Alex Vincent -always fun to chat with!

Christine Elise-very cool.

She also had a short entitled Grasshopper that premiered at the Film Festival.

Chris Sarandon-Awesome guy and fun to talk to.

Tyler Mane-Such a beast!

Very down to earth guy and he has some cool stuff coming up.

Lochlyn Munro-Can't say enough about him.

Really cool guy to talk to and very appreciative of his fans.

We had a great time chatting with him about filmwork, family, etc.

Hope he makes it back!

Tom Savini-We had a ok experience with him.

Can't really complain. Not overly friendly but he was in good spirits and took the time to talk and take a pic.

He was doing his flipping rubberbands at people across the room.

Chris Sarandon was doing an interview and he kept hitting with them.

Pretty damn funny to see.

Ran into Kane in the lobby and he was kind enough to choke me!

Great guy!

Heather Langenkamp-Sweetheart!

IronE ngleton-TDOGG!

Nothing but class! Tuesday Knight-Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4-Very sweet!

Pick up her cd. :)

Ken Foree-Fantastic to meet him and chat!

Robert Englund receiving the Freak Show Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award

Awards show with the Host Robert Massetti

As you can see we had a great time and look forward to next year.

Please stop by my page and give me a LIKE to stay updated on future projects I'm working on.

maverick96 Monday 11/05/2012 at 02:40 PM | 97623
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