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Let's Take a Look Inside The "House at the End of the Street" - The Review

The following review has minimal spoilers, and when I put the giant ***SPOILERS*** before a sentence you probably shouldnt read what follows -.-

House at the End of the Street Review

Okay, so after seeing the trailer so many months before the release I really thought this was going to be a gritty horror film.That expectation soon went away, I then thought it would be very much like the movie Disturbia, I don’t know what anyone else was expecting but I figured a little mixture of the two.

I also really LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is one of the brightest young actresses in the buness right now. Eventually I think she will be a huge star, which is bedes the point.

So this movie starts out with an interesting beginning, seemed very brutal and set it up for a nice PG-13 horror movie (there arent very many I know) I even enjoyed the way the opening credits changed into sloppy/creepy child handwriting…Sadly it turns into more of a teen soap opera.

Jennifer Lawrence was great, I actually liked her character. She was always believable and the best thing in the movie. Elizabeth Shue seemed a little out of place with her character, it brought a level of corniness to the film…and not in a good way.

Max Theiriot is a good actor, ***SPOILERS*** except for when he had to act like a crazy person…his lines felt laughable to be fair. Like he couldn’t really commit to the full part of his character.There isn’t any gore at all in this movie, very few jump scares, little suspense, and minimal intenty. I didn’t expect much gore to be honest, as it is PG-13 but with every stab there was NO blood what so ever. And bedes the last 15 minutes of the movie nothing really “scary” happens…Once it started to get good I was really expecting quite the finale…yet I was disappointed to say the least…

Im all for story line, and really getting to know your characters. Im also a big believer that if you allow yourself all this time to build on this story and characters you should deliver. This movie however does not deliver much beyond the short lived and predictable “intense” ending we all waited for.So after all the events in this movie, getting to live through a short period of the characters “complicated” life we finally figure out the “secret” of the house...Then we literally get to witness the trailer and not much more…with what would have been something nice to see from a strong female character (and there was some cool parts that showed her strength and intelligence) we had seen ALL of it before in the trailer for the movie.

So after the finale we get one last scene that honestly made me laugh, it was so predictable and unnecessary that I would have preferred they keep it out of the film. By this point we all understand and know why what happened, happened.So this is the third disappointing movie in a row that I have sat through, all some way connected to the horror genre -.- So my faith is left in the hands of Paranormal 4 (which I don’t have high hopes for after the train wreck of the 3rd film) and lent Hill Revelation…

All in all this film was average and gets no more than a 5 out of 10 from me sadly
JohnCorley92 Saturday 9/22/2012 at 11:39 PM | 96627
I loved The House at the End of the Street.It was an excellent suspenseful horror movie.Jennifer Lawrence did an awesome job.I would like to see her in more horror films in the future.I bought the dvd for $15.00 this month and it was worth every penny.
horrorlord Saturday 1/19/2013 at 08:20 PM | 99754
I loved The House at the End of the Street.It was an excellent suspenseful horror movie.Jennifer Lawrence did an awesome job.I would like to see her in more horror films in the future.I bought the dvd for $15.00 this month and it was worth every penny.

You and i definitely dont agree on very many things. =p

I do however agree that Jennifer Lawrence was the best thing in this film, and i too would love to see her in more horror movies. She does great, and can really carry a movie. Her presence is one that makes something enjoyable regardless.

I find it interesting you found this to be suspenseful...i really thought this movie was no more than its preview. Perhaps if they didnt show so much in the trailer, it would have been better for me
JohnCorley92 Saturday 1/19/2013 at 08:48 PM | 99758
Terrible Movie.
Anonymous Sunday 1/20/2013 at 10:15 PM | 99771
Terrible Movie.

Im hoping you only rented the movie -.- as it wasnt worth the 9$ ticket at the theatre...nor the money to own it
JohnCorley92 Sunday 1/20/2013 at 11:19 PM | 99773
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