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Anybody been watching this?

From what I've seen, it has a great concept.. what would happen if we lost all electrical power? But so far, the execution hasn't been great. The main character Charlie is much too hard to like, even in the most adrenaline and emotion filled scenes... It seems like a Hunger Games ripoff to tell the truth, with small rural communities struggling against the huge central power which controls everything with an iron fist. I do like the idea of the rebels wanting to bring back America though..

Also, is it me, or should it take a while longer to travel from the country de to Chicago, not about 5 minutes of screen time... The opening episode tried to cram so much in, it kinda ruined it. Yes, you need to keep the audience interested, but reveal stuff gradually, instead of revealing about everything at once which could've made for great suspense. The fight scenes are great, with a lot of swords swinging, and some of the villains are brutal, making it at least watchable. Oh, and of course they reveal that there's a way to turn the power back on in the FIRST EPISODE... Really?

I mean come on. Just my thoughts.. if anyone else wants to give their opinion, it'd be great. These thing bring back limited power.. if all the characters with them meet maybe one will say "Let our powers combine" and the power will come back.
Kidtut Friday 9/28/2012 at 01:31 AM | 96718