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Be Careful Where You Put Your Wiener: A Review of Blood Orgy At Beaver Lake.

If you've been around The 'Bid for a minute, you may remember the original announcement I made while Blood Orgy At Beaver Lake was still in production. Several days ago, I received a package from lver Bullet Pictures, and was delighted to find a copy of Blood Orgy inde. I didn't even wait to pop it in and watch it.

If you like to partake in the use of a particular substance which can be condered medicinal in certain states with the proper permits, I can safely swear on my left nut that you're going to love this film.

The film is brought into action by the misadventures of two very interesting hillbillies who accidentally happen upon biomedical waste from an experimental ecstasy type drug and inadvertently unleash it onto a group of

unsuspecting individuals. In the first half of the film, Lloyd Kaufman

makes a very memorable cameo, and that portion of the film alone makes the whole thing worth watching.

If I told you any more of the plot, it wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch.

The film contains quite a variety of breasts, ranging from microscopic to gnificantly large. The amount of breasts is adequately balanced by the amount of boners, which don't vary as much. They're all huge boners. Going into things, coming out of things, and spewing acidic and corrove jerk juice onto a surpring amount of people.

At no point in time does the film take itself seriously, sometimes inserting laugh tracks and other sound effects which would be less than appropriate for a serious film. This is pure shlock, and it celebrates the fact that it's shlock in all the right ways. The effects are bad, the green screen work is bad, the jokes are cheap, and I love it. It acknowledges all of its cliches in a way you wish every B horror film would.

Blood Orgy At Beaver Lake is a celebration of independent B cinema, done in a way that's completely imposble to hate. The humor, while extreme, is adequately balanced, and nothing seems like an accident. The soundtrack is a blend of custom muc and metal provided by local

acts, like Cacophonous Incantation. The nearly invible budget was contributed mostly by the friends and family of people attached to the project. It all culminated in the most lovable bundle of dick and fart jokes I've ever witnessed.

And probably the only beaver splooge jokes I've ever seen.

For the tl;dr veron, spark up a bowl, crack open a x pack, and watch Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake with your friends.

The DVD is available for purchase on Amazon or you can pick one up at Cinema Wasteland Movie & Memorabilia Expo where the director himself

will be chillin' with Toxie at the Troma Table.

And remember, it's only a beaver!
Airi Magdalene Saturday 9/29/2012 at 07:32 AM | 96745