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HorrorBid's Trip to Miss Misery's "Days of Terror" Sacramento Horror Convention

One of my favorite things about being a horror fan is the conventions. They give a great feeling of nostalgia and remind us horror fans why we are horror fans. We feel comfortable in a sub-culture of like minded fans just like ourselves and conventions are a great place for fans to gather. Unfortunately, most conventions are scattered far and few across the whole country. Luckily, in my "backyard" of Sacramento, CA was Miss Misery's Days of Terror convention this weekend and the organizers were kind enough to invite Horrorbid to check out the action.

On hand were several familiar faces from both vendors and actors alike. The guest line up included names such as Ari Lehman, Amy Steel, C.J Graham and more from "Friday the 13th" fame.

Other celebrity guests included Eileen Dietz, Michelle Tomlinson, Dave Reda, April Burril aka Chainsaw Sally and more.

Many familiar vendors such as d Terror with Terror Wearers were on hand selling cool horror collectibles and shirts.

Other vendors included the Sacramento Horror Film Festival,, Nerd Kung Fu,, All Hallows Fantasy Faire and several others.

Also on hand were plenty of artists. David K. Wong always has some awesome drawings for sale which I encourage you to check out at M.e Walker with Malicious Intent Studios and Gary "Gaz" Gretsky were among other artists drawing and selling art. Make up FX artist, Nicole Chilelli was also on hand doing a live make up demonstration. Some of you may recognize Nicole as one of the previous contestants on this seasons Face Off on SyFy Channel.

There was also a short list of films playing at the convention. Some titles include They Came from the Attic directed by Jason Mills, The Good sters directed by JimmyO Burril, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp directed by Vito Trabucco, and The Black Dahlia Haunting directed by Brandon Slagle. Britt Griffith (also from "Ghost Hunters") and Brandon Slagle were on hand promoting The Black Dahlia Haunting, which definitely has an intriguing plot." class="photoborder" />

While this convention is not as large as the old Fangoria shows were or the current "Monsterpalooza" show in Burbank, CA, this convention is a great way to experience a small scale, but fun horror convention in Northern California. They manage to get good guests and vendors to create a great experience without having to travel too far. I would love to see this convention grow larger and larger every year. Once again, I'd like to thank Miss Misery's "Days of Terror" for giving us a good time. We look forward to attending next year.

Be sure to check out for more updates from this years event as well as announcements for future events.
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