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The Burning 2 Limited Edition Prints Announced‏ By Strange Kids Club

I can hardly find the words to best describe this awesome, awesome (yep, that's right -- I used the word awesome twice) print that's being released by Strange Kids Club in honor of ever horror hounds favorite time of year -- HALLOWEEN!!

Strange Kids Club is ringing in this Halloween season with the first horror-themed art print series featuring movie sequels that don't, but SHOULD exist.

The series will include three prints, each brought to life by a different artist. The first poster in the series, “The Burning 2” by artist Nathan Thomas Milliner was unveiled this morning and will be made available for purchase on Strange Kids Club this Thursday.

Stay tuned for an official sales announcement which will be made Thursday morning via the official Twitter (@strangekidsclub) and Facebook page of Strange Kids Club.

Source: Facebook
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