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There's That Guy... R.I.P. Edition Part 2: We Remember Horrors Unheralded Actors

Welcome to part 2 of Theres that guy: R.I.P. edition

Today we take a look at...

Klaus Kinski

Who was Klaus Kinski? Well, he was a very noticeable actor whos career spanned from 1948 as a Dutch Prisoner to a 1989 biography.

His unique look earned him many roles in film. Theres no mistake that his stare alone could raise chill bumps on the devil himself and I personally enjoyed his performance in the 1987 time travel western "Timestalkers" with William Devane.

But what is the horror connection?

Crawlspace from 1986. Kinski plays a creepy landlord who watches his tenants from passageways inde the building. He also landed the role of Kurt Hoffman in the 1984 "The Hitchiker" episode Lovesounds. Then there is the 1981 horror/thriller "Venom".

Yes, Klaus played a little bit of everything and played it well. Thank you r and may you rest in peace. You have entertained us well.

KLAUS KINSKI 1926-1991

aceofspades70 Sunday 10/07/2012 at 02:59 PM | 96902