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Excision (2012) *SPOILERS* Movie Review

Writer/Director Richard Bates Jr. delivers one of the most disturbing

psycho/freak out flicks in my mind nce Donnie Darko.

Excion is about a girl Pauline played by actress AnnaLynne McCord who's an outcast a stereotypical reject who seems to be a little on the psychotic de. Her mother is a religion freak who is forcing something on her daughter in which she rebels against. Her ster suffers from cystic fibros and will eventually need a lung transplant. Her father on the other hand seems to get her just a little bit better then most.

Pauline puts herself in tuations where it's awkward almost on purpose to get a kick for herself. Right away there's a scene where 2 preppy type teen girls are talking and she overhears and just straight up tells one of the chicks bf's that she thinks(The other girl) your ugly. Which just adds to the pot of boiling emotions.

Pauline does seem to have one interest in which to become a surgeon throughout the film she reads, practices and even performs surgeries.The movie really takes a turn for the more strange route when Pauline has dreams. She goes into a dream state where she gets aroused at dead bodies, blood, and of course surgery's. The visual feel while your watching this film is quite astonishing, great use of colors and camera cuts/angles make these scenes feel more dream like.

The film really strives and succeeds when its just Pauline and another character talking back and fourth. Malcolm McDowell who plays the math teacher had some great lines with AnneLynne throughout the film as well as John Waters character William.I'm not usually the faint of heart but there are some scenes in this film mostly towards the feminine hygiene that really grossed me out to the point where I skipped ahead to get away from the scene. The movie in my honest opinion tries a little too hard to make this young girl seem crazy but not at the same time.

The film is slow paced at times but it all leads up to the ending of the film, where honestly made this movie work.


As I said Pauline's younger ster would eventually need a lung transplant so Pauline seeing her ster riving in pain one night decides she knows enough about surgery that she could help her ster. Pauline flips a switch in her head so to speak and chloroforms her neighbor, drugs her father and ties him up and chloroforms her ster, she then for some reason shaves her hair off and starts the procedure to transplant her sters lung.

Traci Lords who does an amazing job playing the religious mother type comes home to find her husband tied up and walks in on Pauline performing the operation to what may or may not be a success thanks to Pauline's maybe split personality and they both break down once they realize what she has done. Roll Credits.

This movie like I have said is slow paced which leads to a big build up for an ending. Some scenes are quite disgusting on the bad de of grotesqueness, but on times it uses this to it's advantage making for some effects. AnnaLynne and Traci are hands down the stars of this film but for me I just didn't feel the chemistry between the two.Overall I'd have to give this much anticipated film a solid 7/10. It's not quite what I had expected going in but the film shines towards the end of the film making up for some slow pacing and overly disturbing scenes.
AJxSCREAMx87 Tuesday 10/09/2012 at 05:25 AM | 96930