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Overview of My "Haunted" Vacation & Reviews of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D & PA 4

I have been on a little vacation the past 10 days, so I have been M.I.A from responding and writing reviews. I was viting family in TX, and we had a whole line up planned. We started off by watching Paranormal Activity 4, which I will review here in a moment. Then we went off to Screams Haunted Theme Park in Waxahachie TX. The location is where they hold the Scarborough Renaissance Faire. So this haunted theme park (which is the worlds largest) is themed with medieval buildings and a giant castle. For those who like haunted attractions this is definitely a place to check out. You pay $24.99 a person, and it comes with unlimited vits to the 4 haunted houses and the walkthrough. There is also a haunted house they charge separately for, which we attended this year, for the price of $5. All in all for $30 you get x haunted attractions. It will take all night to do most everything. The roaming actors are cool, the decorations are always on point. There is lines to stand in and games and stuff to do along the way. The attractions include…

The Castle of Darkness- Which is a legit castle, the bigger haunts they have at this location. The detail here is great, and it takes about 15 minutes to get out.

The Arcane Asylum- As you can imagine is an asylum themed haunt, it takes about 10 minutes to get through. The first year I attended Screams this was the scariest house, however this year, as we ended up going into this one VERY late, it wasn’t very intense.

Unkel Koy’s Klown Maze- This was actually a very fun haunt, while it was half maze and half house. It took almost 30mins for us to find our way out. Plus my Dad’s girlfriend is terrified of clowns =)

The Ghoulish Graveyard- This is the walkthrough. Not a lot happens, but it is fun to look at the detail they put into it. It serves as a warning of whats to come. It used to be the only way into the park, but now nce its bigger and more happens, they give you the option to go around.

3D- Pirates of Peril Point- For anyone who enjoys 3D haunted houses, this one is awesome. The floors move, everything is popping out at you. They take full advantage of the 3D, the way they paint the floors to look as if they are taller or shorter than they are, the fog looking as if you have reached the ground…and you havent. The boards you step on move, caung you to balance yourself. The spinning tunnel is more effective in 3D in my opinion. This takes about 10-15 minutes to get through it all.

The Trail of Terror: Frozen With Fear- This is the extra cost, this year it was themed as a frozen tundra. It was definitely the top attraction for my group. (there was only 4 of us by the way) The actors were great, as always, and one in particular chased my dad throughout. This actor was on stilts, and used them to their full and creepy advantage. I think as a whole, we said “oh shit” more times in this house than I can count. It took about 10 minutes to get through, but its one of the more intense.

We also went to watch lent Hill Revelation, which will be the second review in this post. Followed by The Parker House and Trail of Fear. The

Parker House is located in my hometown of Denton TX. It is one of the more detailed haunts ive been in. The house itself (you go through the house, then up a haunted trail back to the parking lot) is very detailed. It was quite awesome to look at. One of the more difficult rooms involved a slow strobe light, a wall of fog, some chain link fence, and actors telling you to find your way out. For $17 they give you about 30mins of fun. So if you are looking for some of the best detailed work in a haunt, this is the place to go. If you are claustrophobic, this will definitely play with that. There is a lot of tight and dark spaces you must squeeze through, almost crawl through on one occaon. While this wasn’t a very scary haunt, it was worth the wait and money for the interesting degn and detail. Just to enter the house you must squeeze through a tight coffin =)The Trail of Fear is located in my current town of Lawton OK, and is the largest haunted theme park in the state. It is $25 for 4 attractions, 3 being haunted houses. This is a little steep, as I felt they shouldn’t charge that much. It isn’t as polished as the others I mentioned. They definitely need some work done here, the 2 haunted houses that you walk to are cool. The maze being the more fun of the two. They use some 3D here to get you, and its definitely the highlight. The rest, while fun to get through, felt a little unfinished or armature. The medical themed haunt was the second attraction. This was rather large, there wasn’t a lot of actors. Nothing stuck out to me, but there was a few cool props. What would have been the highlight of the night was the Voodoo Bayou, it was the most detailed haunt they had…but there wasn’t a lot of actors in this one as well. So it felt like more of a walkthrough than a haunted house, the hayride down and away from the attraction was a nice touch. The final attraction is the Crispy Family Carnival, which is a pretty cool show. These people are disturbed and it works well =p I wont get to much into it, but there are some things worth seeing in this. Overall it was family friendly, nothing too intense and I definitely think you could take the kiddos to have fun.

So if you live in Texas, or ever vit during the Halloween season, you should check out Screams, Parker House and one more I didn’t get to go to this year that was EXCELLENT on my last vit was Thrillvania. They actually have a combo offer with Cutting Edge (the worlds largest haunted house) for only $50...I did not know this until I attended the other haunts, I my self have never been to Cutting Edge, but my next vit during Halloween will definitely include this package.

Now on to the movie reviews!! I will try to keep them as spoiler free as I can =)

Paranormal Activity 4- I wasn’t very excited for this movie, and I didn’t have high expectations. Some of you know that the first film scarred me for life, and that I loved the second installment. The 3rd however, sucked. I felt that it didn’t add up to the first two. So hearing there was going to be a 4th, I wasn’t too enthused.

The film starts off by recapping the ending of the last movie, then we start to follow our main cast. We do get a healthy portion of Katie in this film, who is great as always. I do miss watching her fight for her life though. My biggest problem with this movie was that some of the scenes made no sense as to why they were caught on camera. They did bring some modern technology into it, the computers and skyping and all that. Still there was some scenes that I was like “how the fuck are they recording this?” the ending was a prime example. Through out this movie, nothing ever really happens…especially nothing scary or shocking. They did a few cool things with the X-Box Kinect, but again nothing scary. It was actually quite boring up until the last few minutes…

*SPOILERS* The garage scene was one that stuck out to me, the bathroom scene was a dud. I think they intended for it to be shocking…and it fell short. The demon has obviously gotten better at playing Katie, I do wish they would specify how many demons are actually involved in this series though. It always feels like there is more than one, especially nce in the first two movies the demons presence brought a heavy bass rattling sound…and in the third movie it was more of a white noise…this movie used both. Has anyone else wondered this? Also, in the first movie the demon was clearly not a human looking demon, as we could see from the footprints. Yet in part 3 and this one it has evolved into a human form. For example walking through the Kinect lights looking like a child?? It makes the movie feel more like a ghost film than a demon. Just like part 3 this movie leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. Who was the other little boy?? Why did they make this movie?? =p The finale starts off kind of shocking, the first death we see was kind of jaw dropping. After that it felt like we had seen it all before. Once the girl is thrust into the action it felt like the movie was about to become really intense…and it just ended. The last image we see is a couple hundred people who are apart of the cult just staring at her.

*Spoilers End*

I for one think that the cult is something they should have kept away from. It was mply mentioned in part two, and that was enough. Honestly, I feel that Paranormal 2 was a good ending, and if they would have made 3 what it should have been it would have answered all the questions and would have been a great trilogy. Yet they continued with this…and this was HORRIBLE. Bedes the style of film, it felt like a completely different movie in my opinion. Nothing really happens, except the parents not believing the daughter and her boyfriend trying to get in her pants…we saw this all in PA2. So im sorry but the series has lost its shock value. Its boring and should have ended two entries ago. All in all this movie gets a 4 out of 10 in my opinion.

lent Hill Revelation 3D- Before I start this review I want everyone to know, I enjoy the games and I feel the first movie was great. I am not going to say this movie was amazing, it was far from it. However it was good, sadly it was the best horror movie ive seen nce Cabin in the Woods. This year has been terrible for the Horror genre.

The movie starts off following “Heather” and her dad…who we all know is Sharon and Chris Da lva. The opening scene has some great 3D, the flakes were awesome to watch fall. The acting however felt sub par, I think stronger actors for Heather and Vincent would have done the film some good. It was clearly misng the writer of the first film, the dialogue felt stale. The direction was nice, I think it would have been great to see him take on someone else’s script however. The absence of Rose (Radha Mitchell) is troubling. She does have a scene in the film, but I wish she could have been written in more. She really held together the first movie very well along with Laurie Holden (Cybil Bennett). Sean Bean doesn’t have a lot of screen time either. So we really have to rely on Heather and Vince to carry us through.

This is definitely lacking everything that made the first one work so well, I also don’t care too much for following a teenager through the world of lent Hill…I think that if they wanted to continue the story of the first movie they should have had Rose as a bigger part. There is A LOT more action in this film, the sets were nice. Something the first one took full advantage of. The look felt like lent Hill. The reduced budget could be felt throughout the movie. One monster in particular really stood out in a bad way. This was also lacking the ren! One of the great things about the first movie was the ren. It doesn’t appear too often in the games I know, but it gave a feeling of dread when you heard it start up.

While this story isn’t nearly as interesting as the original movie, it is worth a watch if you enjoy the world of lent Hill. I do think they could have went in an entirely different direction with a totally different story. That way we would have gotten new characters and not missed old ones. The monsters weren’t as disturbing as they were in the first film, and if you want a movie to reach more than just the video game audience they should have stuck with more universal creatures.

When it comes down to it the movie was no where near amazing, the 3D was good, the acting was bad and the story was no where near the first movie. If you are expecting the mystery of the games and original film, you wont find it here. You will however get assaulted with the never ending “darkness”. The ending sets us up for another movie, im not sure which story line they will follow. I really wanted them to wrap it up, save Rose and end this story…however they left it open. Alessa was too ealy defeated, and the ending wasn’t quite as climactic as the first. The corny fight scene at the end could have been avoided I think. So this review is mixed, I would give the film a 6 out of 10. I enjoyed watching it, but I think they should have tried a different approach, or really waited to get a script that held the mystery and dread of the first installment.
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Two great movie for watch
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