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The Butterfly Room

Just wanted to share a movie im excited about and I think it may be a bit below the radar.

Directed by Jonathan Zarantonello.


Barbara Steele, Ray Wise, Erica Leerhsen, Heather Langenkamp,Camille Keaton, & Joe Dante.

If that isnt enough to get you interested check out the trailer and the Synops.

Synops Alice is an eleven-year-old girl who entices women in their xties; by trickeries she makes friend with them, until becoming the cure for their “empty nest syndrome”. And once she’s become part of their lives, once they can’t live without her, she benefits by asking for tips that gradually become actual fees.

A small price to pay to feel like mothers again...

But one day she meets the wrong lady. One day she meets Ann. And she disappears.

Ann is a lonely lady; she lives with her collection of butterflies and her memories from the past, memories of Alice as well, whom she misses much...

But Ann is also a very busy lady. She’s busy throwing quicklime and acid in an elevator shaft, to make a body disappear; she’s busy with that handyman and his asstant who know too much and need to be taken care of ... and her daughter Dorothy, whom she’s never seen again after something horrible happened when she was a kid.

Something that Ann has desperately tried to bury in her past, a ghost that Alice, with her malicious behavior might have evoked.

And there’s the banging coming from the butterfly room...

Next to Ann’s door lives Claudia, a recently divorced, attractive ngle mother, struggling with her newfound independence. Claudia asks Ann to tend her daughter, Julie, for a weekend.

Will Julie discover what happened to Alice?

Will Dorothy realize something wrong is going on soon enough to spare other kids what she went through?

And what’s in the butterfly room?
Detective Cameron Sunday 11/11/2012 at 04:25 PM | 97726