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Dissecting The Walking Dead - Walk This Way!

The Walking Dead premiered in 2010 with a heavy burden on its decomposed shoulders—its unspoken challenge was to captivate the fanatical followers who all but worshipped Rick Grimes' Eisner Award winning graphic novel of the same name . Capturing the Zombie-loving subculture's devotion is no easy task, particularly when you aim to capture the artwork and storyline of comic book legend and toss it onto the small screen. Nonetheless, with the help of George Romero and Kirkman himself, the producers did it, almost perfectly. Books are a great t for thrill-seekers living in a world in which rot and ruin are too commonly seen to evoke response but The Walking Dead has managed to enliven the visual world of decay enough to animate corpses as effectively as the imagination can.

t for die-hard fans seeking a new perspective on this stellar series.

The post apocalyptic world of the series is made dynamic through the incluon of everyday authenticity. Morality, faith and barbarism are all examined under the microscope of calamity. The emotional attachment between the living and the dead adds depths of profundity seldom seen in the genre.

t for cable buffs who remain unaware of the subtleties and undercurrents the original tale adds to the show.
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