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Shattered Hopes: Amityville Murders II Review

If you can't remember the first film from the in-depth documentary series "Shattered Hopes" you can refresh your memory


Before I stuffed my face with turkey last Thursday, I checked out part II of the Shattered Hopes series.

The second part of the documentary trilogy was recently released and much like it's predecessor the amount of information on the Amityville murders is staggering.

This installment titled "Mob. Mayhem. Murder." really explains a lot about the night that the Defeo family was murdered.

It does a very good job at going into specific detail about the events that went down on that frightening November night.

The first documentary "From homicide to horror" covered the untold Defeo story before the night of the murders.

It helped us see who these people actually were and how they acted as a family.

Now in part II, we get to see how the night that the actual murders went down... and there are some shocking accusations and revelations.

We also begin to go in-depth with the court case that begins to spread even more speculation.The DVD also includes a bunch of extras.

Some deleted scenes, teasers and extended interviews.

But what is probably most interesting about the extras is the behind the scenes look at how they constructed the miniature Amityville house used through out the documentary.

It is quite fascinating to see how they constructed the fake facade of the now infamous long island home.

A little something Amityville fans will enjoy.

With part III of the documentary series coming out next year, it will be interesting to see what story they are going to cover.

We've seen the Defeo family before.

We've seen the night of the death.

We've seen the court case that takes place after.

Perhaps the clue is hidden in one small scene located towards the end of the documentary.

A scene that involves a young George and Kathy Lutz discusng feelings that they had about the infamous Amityville house.

Could the trilogy wrap up with the Lutz story? Only time will tell.

Both Part I and Part II are a must see for Amityville fans or anyone who has interest in true crime documentaries.

Let's face it... this one has an ending that no one can explain.

Check out the webte and make sure to grab your copy on black friday. You can check out the teaser below.

Happy turkey day bidytes!
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