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"The Walking Dead" #100 Gets Yet ANOTHER Variant Cover

In news that really doesn't surprise me, Image Comics is releang another variant of issue #100 of "The Walking Dead". I'm pretty sure this solidifies my theory that there will be a variant cover for every letter of the alphabet. This variant is another veron of the Lucille variant. If you remember, retailers who sold high volumes of issue 100 were all sent gned copies of the Lucille variant as a thank you. 500 of those are known to exist & were eligible to be mailed to CGC for gnature Series grading. That was until ungned copies of this issue started appearing for sale on E-bay (presumably from Image employees or others who received a comp copy of the book). As of this posting, I'm not sure if it's known how many of those ungned variants are floating around out there.

This new veron of the Lucille variant is a red foil variant, with "The Walking Dead" presented boldly in red foil. 250 copies of this variant have been made & it's reported to be "the rarest of all of the covers". The first batch sold out today within minutes. Keep in mind that this book does not come cheaply as it sports a $250 price tag. By my count, this now puts this particular issue of the comic at either 18 or 19 covers; depends on how technical you want to get with the gned vs. ungned veron of the Lucille variant. And keep in mind that the Hero Initiative variant hasn't even been released for sale yet.

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CZW_CJBecker Friday 11/23/2012 at 10:49 PM | 98305