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New Images From NECA's Prometheus Series 2 Reveal David & Deacon Figures

If you're into collecting action figures, then get ready to embrace the pretty pics that you're about to see. The veil has been lifted from the second series of 7" Prometheus figures, courtesy of NECA, revealing two wickedly cool pieces of plastic goodness. Included in wave 2 of the set are: David with alternate head & Deacon with dissected Engineer head and Hammerpede accessories.

Check 'em out below.

Series One, which consts of Engineer Chair Suit and Engineer Pressure Suit Figures, is currently on sale at TRU and online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store, Amok Time, and Entertainment Earth.

Look for Series 2 to be released in late January 2013, with a third series expected in late February.

Source: the 'Bid
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