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Blacula 1/6th Scale Figure Finally Arrives In February From Amok Time

In the current state of collectibles where the average 1/6th scale figure is $150.00 and up, the cool cats over at Amok Time wanted to make something unique and affordable for true fans to enjoy. And as you're soon about to see as you read on, they have done an amazing job on bringing the iconic "Dark Prince" to life in plastic form.

Blacula is limited to only 500 pieces, and judging by the killer images provided, they have done an amazing job producing a quality collectible (SRP $79.99) that will enhance your collection and not destroy your credit rating.

The figure, which is due out this February, features a fully poseable body, (a little more poseable then past offerings from Amok Time) and an excellent likeness to William Marshall, who comes clad in a finely tailored outfit. Also included is a Blacula logo display base and beautiful display package.

"The box is fantastic, It’s our favorite degn yet." In addition, the insert packaging features a backdrop reminiscent of the opening credits when the animated bat is following a voluptuous damsel in distress.

The figure has a more poseable neck joint then Amok's past offerings and allows for more poses. The body is a standard 12in scale figure. Please note if you decide to undress the figure it is unadvised. Why? the hands are open and will not fit through the arm sleeves nce their fingers are open.

Also if you like to undress your dolls Blacula has a white body. Can you see that he has a white body when dressed or in the package? NO. The only way you can see he is white is if you take off all of his clothes. Why is he white? In order for them to keep the price down white bodies are less expenve then black bodies and allow them to offer this item at a more competitive price.

The tailored outfit features Black tux (Tux features working buttons and button holes) Black vest, White shirt, White tie, Brown socks, Black shoes and Black and lver cape.

Figure also includes display stand with Blacula logo.

To Pre-Order this awesome collectible, click HERE.
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