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Father's Day - No Male Orifice Is Safe

When you see the name Troma attached to a film you know to expect the unthinkable, and this collaborative effort between Astron-6 and Lloyd Kaufman is one of those films that I will never forget. Those familiar with the slasher scene know that there are many common templates and cliches in the sub-genre, none of which involve the specific targeting of fathers or having to do with the Father’s Day holiday. I’ve seen slasher flicks that play on Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day, but never one having to do with Father’s Day and that gives this effort an original concept (for the slasher sub-genre) right off the bat. So is that what makes this flick so damn memorable and special? The typical expreson for when you see the Fuchman’s penis in your father’s mouth.

No, not even close. What makes Father’s Day stick out amongst other horror/slasher films is how the killer, Chris Fuchman (you guessed it, pronounced “Fuck-Man”), kills the fathers – he rapes and sodomizes them in full-frontal fashion. I have seen rape scenes in horror before, numerous times, but rarely (if ever) have I seen a male-male rape scene, and especially one as graphic as the several rapes you see in this piece. The Astron-6 guys really went for extremity and laugh-out-loud antics with these scenes, as we literally see Fuchman’s penis penetrate father’s mouths, anuses, and leave a bloody mess in the end. Some may find this highly offenve, I found it downright hilarious.

Ade from the insane horror the rest of the film is pretty mple and “paper thin” (that phrase is used way too often in film reviewing). We are given a slew of one-liners and characters we really shouldn’t care for too much, with Ahab rightfully fulfilling his duty as the film’s lead protagonist. I absolutely love vengeane-themed horror so watching Ahab, John, and Twink seek revenge for the anally traumatic death of their fathers was enjoyable and fulfilling.

There are plenty of kills for us to enjoy and despite the main objective of the Fuchman he does not only kill fathers, but also kills anyone who gets in his way, including a topless stripper donning a chainsaw. Does it get more awesome than that? Well, not really. The kills, the insane live-action gore, and the nature of the kills are the film’s biggest selling points, and admittedly the rest of the story could use some work. Of course, the right mindset for a film like this is essential. If you know what Troma films are like, then you know to expect bad acting, shitty dialogue, and cheap FX, but at the same time know that these films are unlike anything you will ever otherwise see.

Overall, Father’s Day is one of the craziest and most enjoyable horror films of 2012. This film is not for everyone AKA only ck bastards will enjoy this, but for those with a knack for Troma-produced/inspired flicks this will be another winner donning their name and a flick you will not soon forget.

Rating; 7/10

Additional Stills... The Fuchmans Rape Face Of course Lloyd Kaufman makes an appearance...
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