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UPDATE: The Official Spec's For The Blu-ray Release Of THE BURNING Have Arrived

We were previously treated to the cover art for one of the latest upcoming Scream Factory Blu-Ray/DVD releases & it's gotten A LOT of love over the course of just a few weeks. Now the official details have been revealed for Blu-ray release of this MUST HAVE Blu-ray! Read on for more:

Disfigured and hooded mad killers are on the loose this spring as SCREAM FACTORY™ invites loyal fans and collectors to embark on a nostalgic trip filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense and terror! On May 21, 2013, the gory summer camp slasher The BURNING created and produced by Harvey Weinstein and features Fisher Stevens (The Cove), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Holly Hunter (The Piano) in their early film roles arrives on home entertainment shelves everywhere from Shout! Factory.

The first time on Blu-ray, The BURNING will be presented as a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray™ + DVD Combo pack that boasts inghtful bonus content, and a reverble wrap with original theatrical key art.

The BURNING Collector’s Edition Blu-ray™ + DVD combo pack is priced to own at $29.93.

Preliminary Bonus Features Include:

Audio Commentary with director Tony Maylam, moderated by Alan Jones Blood n Fire Memories

"After a cruel joke goes awry, severely burning him and subjecting him to five years of intenve, unsuccessful skin graft treatments, Cropsy (Lou David) is back at camp…and ready to wreak havoc on those who scarred him! With his hedge clippers in hand, he terrorizes the camp and systematically mutilates each victim. Can a few courageous campers save themselves and destroy this demented madman before he kills them all?"

Starring Brian Matthews (Crime Stopper), Leah Ayres (Bloodsport), Brian Backer (Fast Times At Ridgemont High), Larry Joshua (Dances With Wolves) and featuring early film appearances by Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Holly Hunter (Raing Arizona), The Burning is a “grim and nasty movie

gets under your skin” (!”

For more information, be sure to vit Scream Factory by clicking HERE & HERE.
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