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Steven Spielberg Confirms "Jurassic Park 4," Unveils Release Date & Teaser Poster

After years of talk about "Jurasc Park 4," Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg have announced that they are moving forward with the new installment and will have it in theaters on June 13th, 2014.

Spielberg is on board only as a producer, but nce he recently delayed "Robopocalypse" and doesn't have anything else to direct, many believe that he may want to helm "Jurasc Park 4." He did, however, state several times that he would rather hire someone for the job.

The "Jurasc Park" trilogy has grossed almost $2 billion worldwide with "Jurasc Park 3" grosng $363 million. Universal is also planning a 3D re-release of the first movie, which will hit theaters on April 5th.

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Source: Variety
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