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Friday the 13th Part 9? Possible pick up from original series?

If Texas Chainsaw Massacre can pick up right after the original and ignore the remake, then why can't Friday the 13th? What you are about to read is 1/3rd of the script that can breathe new life into the franchise that has been dead nce 1989. Yes New Line made a few stand alones and a remake... but the "Friday the 13th" movies ended with Jason takes Manhattan. Why not take a page from Texas Chainsaw 3D and re ignite the original flame? What we need most of all is a script that makes the ending of Jason takes Manhattan benefit the series! Here it is....

Here is the beginning of the script that can do it.... Bring back the old school movies you know and love. If you like it and you know somebody at WB.... send them here.

Yes I made this banner in 4 mins... dont look too much into it lol

Friday the 13th Part IX The Legend Continues

Cast Officer Dorf - Ron Millkie Paul - John Fury Ginny - Amy Steel Chris - Dana Kimell Tommy Jarvis - Corey Feldman Trish - Kimberly Beck Megan - Jennifer Cooke Reiny - Jensen Daggett Shawn - Scott Reeves

All dialogue written in the original characters voices

Jason Voorhees has been washed away by Toxic Waste and morphed into a young Jason Voorhees. All the pain of his rotting corpse has vanished. He has regained his human appearance as it was when he died as a young boy of 11.

Reiny and Shawn leave the scene of Jasons death and do not mention it to the cops. So Jason is left alone...

He awakens the next day and finds his way to the Ocean by traveling the sewers. He sneaks on the same ship that is to take Shawn and Rainy back to Crystal Lake!

Jason hides on the ship, not drawing any attention to himself. Stealing food that was thrown away. Hiding with the luggage, killing rats in steerage.

The ship docks near Camp Crystal Lake at 11pm and Jason makes a mad dash off the boat and into the darkness. He gets away without any trouble from authority.

He finds Camp Crystal Lake without even trying. It's in his blood, he can smell the camp the second he got off the boat. Jason makes his way back to his schack in the woods.

Video of his Home

(Show montage of Jason living in the woods for 10 years)

Where he has reded for the last ten years. The year is now 2009, and the talk around town is Camp Crystal Lake will be reopened one more time. Because Jason has not been heard of for the last ten years and all the worries have stopped.

Day 1 of The resurrection of Camp Crystal Lake Begins

Thursday morning Paul Holt makes his way to Crystal Lake. He just woke up and wants to get an early start on fixing up the gn posts at Camp Crystal Lake. He bought some paint and brushes that he needed last night.

He's also getting there early because today is the day his new counselors show up. The person he's especially exited to see is Ginny. After the ordeal they had in July of 1984 the two parted ways and eventually lost contact.

Paul gets in to his office and gets a phone call.

Paul: Hello Camp Crystal Lake Tommy: Hey, how are you, this is Tommy Jarvis, is Paul around? Paul: This is he, how are you Tommy. You coming up today right? Tommy: I'm fine thanks, yea I'll be there. I'm running late though so I may not be there till around 3. Paul: That's fine things happen, well I'll see you then. Tommy: Okay thanks a lot, I'm really sorry just gotta tie up some loose ends before i leave for the summer. Paul: I understand, see you at 3. Tommy: Thanks Paul, I'll see you then.

Paul hangs up the phone and looks out the window. He then quickly gets up and walks out of the office out de. believing he saw something out of the corner of his eye, deep in the woods.

Time passes he hears and sees nothing. Just then he hears a car pulling up. The car pulls up to him

Chris: Hi Paul? Paul: Yes, hi Chris: Hi, I'm Chris... Higgens Paul: Oh great thanks for showing up so early, just park your car up behind that out house over there. And meet me in my office by that gn. Chris: Okay great Paul: Alright, welcome to Camp Crystal Lake Chris: Thanks

She pulls her car around back.

Mean while Tommy Jarvis is tting in on his bed. Looking threw old photos of his mom. Tommy hasn't seen his ster nce he was locked up in the institution. He begins to get flash backs, a tear falls from his eye. He quickly wipes it away, and puts the picture down.

The phone rings Tommy: Yea Tommy's ster Trish: Hey Tommy: Heh I was just thinking about you. Trish: Aww me too, we just landed. I should be there in a half hour or so. Tommy: I told you I'm gonna pick you up. We'll go out to grab a bite and catch up before we head over there. i already cleared it with Paul. Trish: Okay great, I'm really looking forward to seeing you. Tommy: Yea me too.... I'm leaving now. Trish: Okay, I'll be here Tommy: Great

Paul shows Chris the Counselor cabins.

Paul: And you'll be staying here Chris: Wow you really fixed this place up nice. Paul: Yea well, you guys deserve it. I just wish I could do more. Chris: You done plenty, trust me. (Smiles) Paul: (Smiles) I'll see you at lunch, the rest of the counselors should be here by then. Chris: I'll be there Paul: Yea and you better enjoy it, it's the last week that you wont be preparing meals haha Chris: (Exhausted roll eyes) right... Paul: Haha okay Chris I'll see ya

At the police station

Officer Dorf: Oh c'mon sheriff, do you really think it's wise to let this happen? You know what a blood bath Camp Blood has been nce 1958. Nothings ever changed nce then and nothing ever will. Every time people go there it's the same story....

Police Chief: Look, we can't stop someone from opening Camp Crystal Lake up again. They have the right, all we can do it keep a closer eye on things. Keep it safe this time.

Dorf: But at who's cost Chief? My family's? My kids will lose there father just because he was killed, protecting a place that was a horror scene waiting to happen? Why do we have to walk into a burning building?

Police Chief: Look Jason Voorhees is really dead this time. Records say that he died in New York and no ones heard from him nce.

Dorf: We don't know that

Police Chief: There were reports of his description in the area of Time Square. Over 5 dead bodies and the two kids who survived said he mply disappeared, but I don't believe them. I think they know he's dead, and they were there. But they want no part of it after there ordeal. mple as that, and we can't prove anything.

Dorf: Then what makes you so confident?

Police Chief: They found Jason's Hockey mask half melted away from the Toxic waste. They also found the bones of one of the sewer workers near by. They didn't find Jason's body but my guess is it was so rotted by then that it was eaten right away by that waste. Even the bones.

Dorf: I hope you're right Chief. I've been working here nce before Steve Christy tried to open this place up back in 79. Next year will be my 33'rd year with the force. I'd hate for it all to end for this.

Police Chief: It wont, trust me huh?

Dorf: I'll see you later Chief.

Back in the woods a rabbit searches for food. Smelling out vegetation. He begins to nibble away on some greens. Before the rabbit takes his 5th bite a machete comes down above him at full force. Splitting the rabbits head... Jason grabs the rabbit and throws him in a sack.

Jason starts a bonfire and with a sharp razor skins the rabbit, rams a stick threw it and begins cooking his lunch.

It's now 1pm and everyone has shown up at the camp, except Tommy and his ster. The group has a small introduction safety meeting. It's now lunch time, and they can all sense some connection with each other. They look into each others eyes and see the look they see in the mirror. It's that fear, the fear of untimely death. It's also the look of knowledge, the knowledge that they know somethings out there. Somethings waiting, but no ones talks about it. No one says a word...

As the tenon increases the counselors realize they need to lighten up and hang out a little. They decide that it's there last day of Freedom for the summer so they wanna enjoy it. They all go out for a swim in Crystal Lake!

Paul and Ginny t back and take in some sun while the others swim.

Paul: I really have missed you, I think about you a lot ya know. Ginny: Me too (she smiles) sometimes... Paul: Sometimes? Ginny: Sometimes I think about what would have become of us, ya know... if all that never happened. Ya know with Jason... Paul: Yea... I know, so did I... Ginny: I'm sorry Paul, maybe I shoulda tried harder to put it behind me. But every time I saw you I saw him and I relive that horrible night. (tears fall) Paul: Hey... listen it's okay. You aren't to blame... Maybe I should have made more attempts to see you myself. Maybe a few more phone calls or a few more letters would have done it. Maybe Ginny: Maybe we can go back you know? I mean why not give it another chance? Paul: Maybe we can... let's just get past these next few weekends before we let our guard down and focus on our own lives. Ginny: yea, you're right (smiles) Paul: (smiles)

Sean and Rennie are having a good time at Crystal Lake. Sean is swimming and splashing Rennie who is tting on the dock. He swims over to her, she leans in and kisses him. Rennie fixes Sean's hair.

Rennie: Now that's the pretty boy I love. Sean: Pretty boy, get outta here.

Paul makes his way over to them after talking to some of the others.

Paul: So how are my two Lakeview High love birds doing? Sean: Hey Paul Rennie: Hi, pretty good. How's everything coming along? Do we have a lot of work ahead of us this week? Paul: Eh were a little behind... I'm sure we'll get caught up now that we have everyone here. So you guys ever go to this camp as kids? Sean: Not me Rennie: Yea my Uncle Charles used to bring me here. He raised me nce I was a little girl. Sean: Yea, the son of a bitch almost killed her in this very lake. Rennie: Sean... Sean: What?

Paul looks puzzled

Rennie: He tried to teach me how to swim. It didn't turn out so well. I really never learned. Paul: Well... I wont have you fill in if a life guard gets ck.

Paul smiles and puts Rennie at ease. He walks away and Rennie stares out into the lake. She begins to get flashbacks of young Jason pulling her down into the lake. They were deluons but in her mind, they felt as real as me and you.

Rennie: C'mon let's go back. Sean: You okay? Rennie: Yea, I just wanna get out of here.

As the counselors come back to the main house through the woods, one of them hears a noise. He looks back and doesn't see anything. A young man named Russ is at the end of the line of counselors walking threw the woods. He bends down to see what was on the ground. He touches a leaf and lifts his hand up to discover blood. And just as he is about to yell to Paul a hand covers his mouth and drags him into the woods!

The counselors get back to find Tommy and his ster Trish at the Camp. They are warmly welcomed.

Meanwhile Russ is dragged within feet of Jason's shack. While he's being dragged he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a knife and reaches around and stabs Jason in the thigh! Jason falls down and Russ begin to run! Jason pulls the knife out of his thigh and hurls it right into Russ's back. Blood bursts out of his chest! He collapses and Jason's nightmare returns to Camp Blood.

Officer Dorf heads over to Camp Crystal Lake. Ginny sees him pull into the entrance. She walks over to him with a bag of fresh cut grass that she was putting out.

Ginny: Good afternoon Officer can I help you with anything? Officer Dorf: You sure can little lady. Who's in charge here, Paul Holt? Ginny: Yes r Officer Dorf: Is he around? Ginny: Yes, would you like me to get him? Officer Dorf: No that's fine... you work here? Ginny: Yes r, I got here a day late, had some car trouble. But everything should be ready to go in no time. Officer Dorf: You know what you're doing is very dangerous don't you? If anything happens you don't have any type of security. The station is 4 miles away and it only takes a few minutes. Ginny: We're aware of the risks and we are prepared. Officer Dorf: Are you? Are you prepared to die? Nobody ever is are they? I'm not... I don't wanna be involved with this mess anymore.

Paul sees Ginny and Officer Dorf from a distance and walks over.

Paul: Hello Officer, is there anything I can do for you? Officer Dorf: Yes Paul, you can pack up your things and head back where you came from. Paul: Oh really? Ginny: Paul... Paul: Is this an order from the Sheriff? Officer Dorf: No it's a request from me and my family and every other family you're putting in danger. We don't need this again. I read up on you Paul. You ran the Packanack Training center didn't ya? Paul: Yes I did Officer Dorf: With this young lady just like now, ain't that right? Paul: Yes it is... Officer Dorf: Guess you're not one for the quiet life? Guess you don't feel guilty about the tears and heartache that came with that place. Paul: I didn't kill anybody. Officer Dorf: No you didn't... you just don't mind leading new kids into a slaughter house, now do ya? Ginny: That was a long time ago. Officer Dorf: Not long enough for me.

Paul stands there with a straight face. With a thousand thoughts running through his mind at once.

Officer Dorf: You two know what you're doing I guess. I heard you got a guy here by the name of Jarvis. Ginny: That's right Officer Dorf: Heard some nonsense I'm gonna look into. Keep your eye on that boy. Paul: Will do Officer

Officer Dorf drives off and Paul puts his arm around Ginny as they walk back to the office.

Back at Jason's shack we see him from behind. He pulls the pillowcase off of his head and tugs on his hair. He picks up a sharp knife and begins cutting it off unevenly. When he is done he picks up a rusty razor blade and proceeds to slice off the tips of his dirty finger nails. He mis judges and slices the tip of his finder off. He grunts grabs his finger to stop the bleeding. He walks out of his shack to a nearby puddle. He submerges his finger and the dirty water turns red and as he looks at it he can suddenly see his reflection without his sack over his face. He splashes the water and falls back.

Back at Lakeview police station, Officer Dorf brings a town drunk in and throws him in his cell. Officer Dorf: Another night in jail huh Ian, you ever gonna learn? Drunk (Cletus): yea yea.. (mumbles)

Dorf walks back to his desk to fill out paperwork. He discovers the information he asked for about Tommy Jarvis is laying on his desk in a folder.

Officer Dorf: Oh what do we have here... self defense murder of psychopathic killer at the age of 12. Mental institution... escape... arrested Sheriff Garris... escape... all charges dropped by the State after heroic acts... well this boy has quite a history... and I don't like it. Not one bit...

Back at the Camp Chris decided to check out her sleeping quarters. She goes to the out house Paul told her she was to stay in. She sweeps up a bit and wipes down some things. She lifts up her mattress to wrap a clean sheet around it and sees a snake! She screams jumps backs and at that moment Tommy walks in to tell her they got the bread. She falls into him and he reaches around her to catch her from falling. Just then she gets a flash back of her deluon she suffered after she was attacked by Jason. She believes Mrs. Voorhees is reaching from behind her and she let's out a scream that can shatter windows. Tommy covers his ears and she falls on top of him. They both crash onto the floor.

Chris turns and looks at him and she has a look on her face as if she's in a trance. She runs out of the out house. Tommy stays on the floor Tommy: What just happened here?

Chris runs into the main office grabs her bag and runs into the canoe equipment house along the lake. She closed the door immediately reaches in her bag opens her orange pill bottle and takes a pill and drinks some water. As she's drinking she sees someone out of the corner of her eye. She quickly turns to them, it's Tommy. She looks at him and looks down at his hand and sees an orange prescription bottle. He looks at her then at her bottle in her hand.

Tommy: You show me yours I'll show you mine?

Chris nods and walks over to him handing Tommy her bottle as he does to her. He looks up at her Tommy: I'm sorry... I had no idea. Chris: That I'm crazy? It's okay... Tommy: No, you're not crazy... sometimes things happen to people. Sometimes thi-

Trish walks in

Trish: Oh I'm sorry, I saw you run in here from the office and thought something was wrong Chris. Are you okay? Hi Tommy Tommy: hey Chris: I'm fine now, I just uhh needed to get away. I'm good thanks.

Chris walks over gives Trish a hug and walks to the door.

Chris: Bye Tommy, I'll talk to you later. Tommy: bye

Trish waves to Chris as Chris leaves.

Trish: She okay? Did you tell her anything? Tommy: I don't think I have to...

It's dark it's late and there's a haunting chill in the air. And Tommy can't sleep. He goes to the main house and ts out on the porch. Starring out into crystal lake after dark, out into the woods into the moon. Thinking, wishing things could be what they were in his life, when he was worry free. Suddenly he hear a faint voice.

Chris: Tommy Tommy: Chris, what are you doing out here now? Chris: You don't have to ask me that, do you? Tommy: I don't know, I don't know much... I don't know anything. I can only guess who it's about can't I? Chris: About 20 years ago me and my friends all stayed at my old boyfriends house in Higgins Haven not far from here. Tommy: I know where it is Chris: They were all killed Tommy, every last one. Then he came for me... I didn't know his name. I only knew his face. Tommy: How can you know his face? Chris: Sometime before my friends were killed I lived near Higgins Haven. I had an argument with my parents and ran away from home into the woods. He attacked me there... I've been trying to put the pieces together but I can't. I can't re.member what happened for some reason. I try so hard (she begins to tear) and I thought I would come back and face my fears and beat them. I thought I'd put those pieces together when I came back. Deb supported me so did my other friends. Because of me they were killed Tommy. Tommy: Don't say that, don't even think it! Chris: I asked them to come with me so I'd feel safe. Because of me they aren't here today. Tommy: Because of Jason... Chris: yea... I keep telling myself that, I really do.

Chris wipes the tears away and regains her composure.

Chris: What about you? Why are you here? Why do you take those pills? Tommy: Years later I looked into it, it seems that only a day or so after your friends were killed Jason made his way out of the morgue. I guess you were the one that put him there... anyway we lived in the woods and we didn't live far enough away from the lake. Well Jason made his way there for some reason. He murdered all the kids renting out the summer houses. Then he came for my family and he... he uh.. (Tommy begins to tear) my... my mother uh... he got her and... he came for me and Trish. Trish was so brave ya know... she uh she did all she could. Right when she couldn't do no more I came down the stairs and together we distracted him and before I knew it I buried the machete used to kill his own mother right into the de of his head. He collapsed on the ground and I saw him move... (Tommy begins to rub his eyes and put his head into his lap) Chris comes closer and hugs him.

Chris: It's okay, you don't have to tell me anymore. I can see you're upset.

Tommy looks up at Chris, he looks right into her eyes and smiles. He finally met someone bedes his ster that shares his pain that he can talk to. Someone he feels an instant closeness to. The two of them fall asleep in each others arms out on the porch.

Jason is fully aware that Crystal Lake is not as vacant as it has been for the last 10 years. After all he has been through, Jason never lost his instinct for revenge over the murder of his mother. The rage inde has been festering and this agitation will undoubtedly lead to tragedy as it already has to Russ.

Paul walks over to Tommy and Chris, he calls to them. Paul: Hey Tommy... Chris...

They both quickly snap out of there rest.

Paul: You guy's okay? Tommy: Yea were fine, i guess we dozed off. Chris: It's been an emotionally draining day to say the least. Paul: Yea, I bet it has. Listen were all meeting up by the campfire in a few. Tommy: Yea sure thanks, we'll meet you there. Paul: Great guys

Paul heads back to the campfire with the other counselors and Ginny.

Ginny: Did you find them? Paul: Yea, they'll be here in a minute. Ginny: I'm scared Paul Paul: Hey listen, don't freeze up on me. I need you.

Ginny nods her head and leans into Paul for a hug. Tommy and Chris arrive and everyone gathers around the fire.

Paul: I'm glad you're all here. I wasn't sure if you would all follow through. Now I see why you are all survivors. I also see you have some good friends. Friends we wanna leave with when this is all over.

We all know why were here. I have the whole town believing we reopened camp because of how quite it's been for the last 10 years here. Jim and Suzie were the last to die by Jason's hand in Crystal Lake that we know of. We all know that Jason escaped the ship that brought Sean and Rennie back to Lakeview. They say he made it back here. Living in the wilderness all over again... just like before. Some believe he is still seeking revenge over the death of his mother. Most of the town believes it's an old wise tale. They say the police wanna keep tourist away from here. But they saw him...

Sean and Rennie nod there heads in confirmation to Paul's claim.

Paul: I've been here for a couple weeks now. I feel it... he's out there... Tommy: What are we gonna do about it? We don't have a plan. Rennie: What if this was a mistake? Chris: What if were not so lucky this time? Paul: No one is here against there will. I told you all over the phone. I appreciate you all making it all the way down here. But if you're having second thoughts... feel free to leave. We wont think any less of you.

Sean's friends stand up and look to Paul with fear in there eyes.

Tim: I can't do it Paul... I'm sorry Sean. At home it was different. Being here were it all happened. I just can't man... I'm sorry. Scott: Me too man, we were talking about it earlier. We wanna help but the risk just didn't register. Being face to face with him... it would be too much. I'd freeze... I'd be killed... Tim: Yea Sean, he's right. I don't wanna die Sean: Guy's come on you said y.. (Paul puts his hand on Sean's shoulder) Paul: If they don't feel comfortable they should leave. Sean: (Exhales) Okay, whatever you want guys.

Sean helps his friends pack up in the cabin. They give Rennie a hug good bye and a hand shake to Sean.

Scott: Sorry man, we love ya but we can't do it. Tim: Sorry Sean Sean: It's okay, just get outta here safe okay? Rennie: Bye guys

Tim and Scott get into there car and drive out of the gate. About 2 miles down the road a tree branch crashes threw there windshield. The car swerves into a ditch. With bumps and bruises they get out.

Tim: What happened here!? Scott: Oh man, I'm really hurt Tim.

Tim gets back in the car trying to get it started so he can drive back onto the main road and back to camp.

Tim: You'll be alright man, you're just shook up. I gotta check under the hood. The car wont start back up. Dammit!

Tim hears a noise outde the car.

Tim: Scott what was that? Scott!?

He gets out of the car and looks around but can't find Scott. Shouting over and over for his name. He back's away from the car as he calls his friend. He stumbles back and falls onto his back. He ts up to see what he tripped over and laying in front of him is Scott with a pitch fork rammed under his chin with the tips sticking out of his face.

Tim screams and runs toward the camp. He is so emotionally exhausted and in his state of shock is unable to run very far. He begins to cry for the loss of his friend and the thought of his own demise.

Scott: Why is this happening... (weeping)

He leans up against a tree with his back and ts down. He turns toward the camp and tries to scream for Sean. In mid scream a machete comes hurling at his mouth chopping him from ear to ear. He twitches for a few seconds gargling on his own blood and his eye's roll up in the back of his head. Tim and his friend Scott are dead...

To Be Continued once Warner Bros gives it the green light Written by Alex Edwards WB if you like it, contact me... make me an offer and I'll finish it and bring it back old school like the fans want it. Tune in to The Skeleton Crew Podcast everyone week. Excluvely at
TheSkeletonCrew Monday 1/14/2013 at 10:58 PM | 99654
Yeah man. We need to get the ball rolling on this. Take it back to the bacs. The good ole' days.
Dimiter Monday 1/14/2013 at 11:08 PM | 99655
I do have to say this though, it sucks that a major studio has the right's to some of these franchises. They would do alot better, IMO, if they were in the hands of independent's.
Dimiter Monday 1/14/2013 at 11:13 PM | 99656
Hey man, I had the same idea! Only I plan on writing a part 12 and 13. The ending I had in mind for 13 though, I have just realised would be a fantastic set-up for Jason X...
M. K. Summerford Monday 1/14/2013 at 11:47 PM | 99657
I wanna know how Jason should truly be perceived. As a killer who didn't actually die as a young boy. The killer that did die as a boy and somehow came back to life. Or a boy that died and his mother used the Necronomicon to bring him back to life but demons took over Jason's body (seen in Jason goes to Hell and FvJvA). Otherwise, I like the idea of it starting it after Part VIII, but I would explain that Part VIII was like Part V, and it was another copycat
jinpayne Monday 1/14/2013 at 11:50 PM | 99658
I wanna know how Jason should truly be perceived. As a killer who didn't actually die as a young boy. The killer that did die as a boy and somehow came back to life. Or a boy that died and his mother used the Necronomicon to bring him back to life but demons took over Jason's body (seen in Jason goes to Hell and FvJvA). Otherwise, I like the idea of it starting it after Part VIII, but I would explain that Part VIII was like Part V, and it was another copycat Sometimes too much explanation is a bad thing payne, so Im gonna keep it mple. Like old school style. I like the way Jason

turned into an 11 yr old kid at Part 8. It brings it back to the roots of Jason being human again. Not like a humorous zombie that was made to be a joke. Thanks for reading brother
TheSkeletonCrew Tuesday 1/15/2013 at 12:02 AM | 99661
Nice idea Alex I say go for it and if the studios don't get back to you then try to make a fan film out of it , I know a boat and sewer locations would be hard to get but im sure you could alter a few things and still keep it entertaining and I for one and probably most other skeleton crew listeners and friday fans would be more than happy to watch it :) im doing the same thing once iv finished the Texas chainsaw massacre script im writing, even though I liked Texas chainsaw 3d a lot of people didn't so hopefully I can make something that makes them enjoy leatherface again
darkbladeclan Tuesday 1/15/2013 at 05:58 PM | 99673
Nice idea Alex I say go for it and if the studios don't get back to you then try to make a fan film out of it , I know a boat and sewer locations would be hard to get but im sure you could alter a few things and still keep it entertaining and I for one and probably most other skeleton crew listeners and friday fans would be more than happy to watch it :) im doing the same thing once iv finished the Texas chainsaw massacre script im writing, even though I liked Texas chainsaw 3d a lot of people didn't so hopefully I can make something that makes them enjoy leatherface again

Thanks bro I appreciate that!

Oh yea? Looking forward to checkin it out man, sounds good.
TheSkeletonCrew Wednesday 7/24/2013 at 08:57 PM | 101744