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"Witch Hunter" T-Shirt and Hoodie Created by TeeHut

Some of you may or may not know that myself and a close friend degn t-shirts as a hobby and from more than time to time you will see them featured here on HorrorBid, especially if they have anything to do with horror. Below is a new degn and a little bit about our new degn company. Hope you enjoy!

A nod to everyones favorite Hansel and Gretel children’s book and to the new movie that is coming out that takes the fairytale clasc and throws it into the horror genre. Plus everyone hates Witches

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR ORDERING INFORMATION: ) TeeHut created by two best friends bent on participating in graphic degn mayhem! You’ll find out that we have succeeded at that goal….for the most part! :)

At TeeHut you will find degns created by us for you for no other reason than enjoyment. We love to have fun and we hope you’ll find our creations reflect something that you may also like. Everything you see we have hand created and if there is something you don’t see please check back often as we are always coming up with zany new and fresh ideas that are sure to both tickle your funny bone and look amazing on your back or stuck to your wall.

TeeHut is and always will be about fun, original creations based on the subjects that we feel pasonate about. And if you have any degin suggestions please let us know. You’ll also from time to time see our work featured on tes like RIPT Apparel, TeeFury, The Graphic Lab, Epic Embrace, Qwertee, OtherTees, The Yetee, ShirtPunch, Threadlless, Shirt.Woot and a host of other daily and weekly tes that offer up our degns for just $10 or $11, so keep and eye out. But why wait when you can mply purchase from our store right here!

We also run special deals and sales from time to time so please be sure to bookmark this page and check back often. You can also find TeeHut featured on the one and only, through them you will also hear about our various deals and offerings and don’t forget us on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks as well.

Thanks so much, Justin Swarens and Joel (aka Michael Scarn)

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