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"Zombieland" TV Series is Being Developed by Amazon?

Just last week, director Ruben Fleischer revealed that a "Zombieland" sequel will likely never happen. Soon after, it was reported that a TV series based on the film was in the works with plans that included bringing back all the film's main characters.

Now comes word that the TV series is actually being developed by online retailer Amazon, making "Zombieland" its most high profile series nce the company announced plans to develop original programming.

Gavin Polone, producer of the original film, is superving the new project, which will be a 30-minute on-demand series. This is now the second attempt at turning the movie into a TV series. Fox previously gave it a shot, but the series failed to make it past the pilot episode.

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Shakelford, J. Rusty Tuesday 1/22/2013 at 01:31 PM | 99793