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The Frankenstein Theory Hits Limited Theaters & VOD In March

If you've been eager to see Image Entertainment's telling of one of Universal's most popular creations, then you may be in luck. On March 1st, Image Entertainment will unveil The Frankenstein Theory to a handful of theaters. And if lady luck is by your de, then your theater may be among the select few listed below. If not, don't fret because the film will also be hitting VOD later on in the month. Read on for all the deets:

Before Robert De Niro, before Christopher Lee or even Boris Karloff, there was the original novel: Frankenstein. Published in 1818 and written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, it is universally recognized as one of the greatest works of horror fiction in the English language. But what if it wasn’t conjecture? What if the story of how one man dared to steal the secret of creation was true?

Image Entertainment will challenge all that you know, or think you know, with The Frankenstein Theory. Directed by Andrew Weiner, The Frankenstein Theory premieres on VOD and select theatrical engagements on March 1st, with the DVD release set for March 26th.

What if the most chilling novel of all time was actually based on a true account of an horrific experiment gone awry? When he is suspended from his univerty job for his outlandish ideas, Professor John Venkenheim leads a documentary film crew to the rim of the Arctic Circle in a desperate effort to vindicate his academic reputation. The object of his ridicule? His obscure theory that Shelley's literary clasc is, in fact, a work of non-fiction disguised as fantasy. In the vast, frozen wilderness, Venkenheim and his team search for the legendary monster, a creature nearly three hundred years old and still cloaked in mystery. What they find is an unspeakable truth more terrifying than any fiction...

Look for

The Frankenstein Theory to screen in these select theaters:

Cedar Rapids, IA -- AMC Star Dubuque 18 Charlotte, NC -- AMC Carolina Pavilion 22 Chicago, IL -- AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield 20 Columbus, OH -- AMC Easton Town Center 30 Dallas, TX -- AMC Grapevine Mills 30 Evansville, IN -- AMC Evansville 16 Grand Rapids, MI -- AMC Star Grand Rapids 18 Kansas City, MO -- AMC BarryWoods 24 Madison, WI -- AMC Star Fitchburg 18 Oklahoma City, OK -- AMC Quail Springs Mail 24 Omaha, NE -- AMC Oakview Plaza 24 Phoenix, AZ -- AMC Arizona Center 24 South Bend, IN -- AMC Showplace South Bend 16 Washington, DC -- AMC Potomac Mills 18 West Nyack, NY – AMC Loews Palisades 21

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