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See The Brutal Red Band Trailer from Danny Boyle's "Trance" Details Included!

Well Bidites, it is a good day. I am anxious to see Danny Boyle's forthcoming movie "Trance" which looks to be very captivating as well as gory. Danny's flair for the visual and talent for edge of your seat storytelling ensures me that this movie is one to be seen.

Here is the synops:

James McAvoy stars as a fine art auctioneer who has teamed up with a criminal gang to steal a Goya painting worth millions. However, after suffering a blow to the head during the heist, he has no recollection of where he hid it. The gang's leader hires a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to bring the truth to light, delving deep into mon's subconscious where reality is blurred with fiction and deceit.

Factor in bad ass Vincent Cassel and a screenplay from Joe Ahearne (Dr. Who) and John Hodge (a Boyle regular) Trance's March 27 release in the U.K., followed by a U.S. release on April 5th.

Check out the red band trailer below for the gory goodness.


Source- Youtube
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