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Now Available -The Orphan Killers' Marcus Miller Mask - Pre-Order Details!

It is seven months until Halloween. Have no fear, an early treat has emerged. Seeking something new to go as this upcoming October?

You can be the first "kid" on your block to own a Marcus Miller Mask from the film "The Orphan Killer" which is now available online for pre-order (details below) and will be in stores soon!

See the prototype mask below, and join the quarter-million people who have already "liked" TheOrphanKiller

on Facebook and check out the official webte for TheOrphanKiller

From the Press Release: Creator Matt Farnsworth just dropped us the excluve news on the new Trick or Treat Studios TOK (The Orphan Killer) mask and it's bloody perfection. The Orphan Killer has teamed up with Chris Zephro at Trick or Treat Studios to release this amazing new screen accurate Orphan Killer mask. Hand-sculpted by popular artist Justin Mabry, this mask is to die for. Or shall we say KILL for? You can pre-order them now or wait until they hit stores like Halloween City, Party City and Hot Topic this fall. Other stores coming soon. Click Here

to pre-order today.

The Orphan Killer is a 2011 independent horror film written and directed by Matt Farnsworth. It was produced by Farnsworth and Full Fathom 5th. Farnsworth has stated that he has plans for sequels and a web series. It has been banned in Germany

The film follows the life of two children who become wards of the state in New Jersey after a home invaon results in the murder of their parents. Having witnessed the murder, Marcus is forever changed. The blings are sent to a Catholic orphanage where Audrey is subsequently adopted and Marcus is left behind. He suffers abuse at the hands of the caretakers and as a punishment is masked and exiled. Never forgiving his ster for abandoning him, Marcus returns to his ster's life many years later in adulthood, still masked, wanting to teach her a lesson.


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