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Looking for Donations

Hello all.

I wanted to post again to ask for your help in raing funds for my short film projects this year.Last year was a great year.

I had the opportunity to take part in several local productions including Rockabilly Zombie Weekend which premiered here in Orlando.

Trust me when I say that you will have to see it when it comes available!

As well as working in front of the camera, I was blessed to be able to premiere my short Act of Love at Freak Show Horror Film Festival.

It was my first time directing and we had a blast showing it at the festival as well as attending Spooky Empire.

As you may already know, filming, including shorts, is not an inexpenve venture.

So for 2013 I'm looking for donations to purchase new equipment so I can film two new shorts and posbly more.The first short is another horror entry I plan on submitting for this year's Freak Show.

I am still working on the script but have the main plot down and can't wait to starting filming.

The second film is a short based on my father who passed away in 2009.

This month will be 4 years and I have had this dere to do a project in honor of him.

It's called My Father Past and will be a comedy/drama with a few twists.

I hope to be able to film this year sometime as a tribute to my dad.

So I know people hate being asked for money but I am reaching out for any support.

I have a GoFundMe account set up and will be offering a few goodies for those who donate a certain amount.

I am looking to raise $2,500.

I know that my post will probably get double that in views so if each one of you donated

a $1 that would help me reach this goal ealy.

I appreciate your support and hope to see some of you at Freak Show this year!


Andrew Lee Shelton
maverick96 Tuesday 2/19/2013 at 11:04 PM | 100174