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The Official Trailer For The Horror/Comedy "Hansel and Gretel Get Baked" - Munchie Poster!

That was a tasty look at the new poster for the upcoming movie "Hansel & Gretel Get Baked" (formerly called "Black Forest" plus "Hansel and Gretel & The 420 Witch") before landing on the solid title. It is a horror/comedy within a twisted stoner familiar fairy tale starring Lara Flynn Boyle as the evil witch, It is now available On Demand and in select cities this Friday.

The film is about an evil witch that uses a special drug to lure teenagers into her suburban home where she devours them to maintain her youth and beauty. When the evil drug-dealing witch holds Gretel’s stoner boyfriend hostage, she and her brother Hansel must save him from a gruesome death — or face the last high of their lives.”

Written by David Tillman, produced by Dark Highway Films, and Directed by Duane Journey.


Source- Youtube
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