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Pre Order "Jezebeth" On Blu-ray - Details Inside!

In the attic of an old ancestral home, a devil worshiping sadist, Jezebeth Blandy (Bree Michaels), is at war with God,

discovering a 19th century diary that contains the details about how to summon a demon. Jezebeth succeeds in cracking a satanic code inde her room of Hell which creates 2 different realities for her.

R Squared Films to feature the new vampire film "Jezebeth" at the 2012 Cannes, France film festival. Jezebeth: directed, produced and written by Damien Dante. The co-producers and executive producers are Jeffrey A Swanson and Lloyd Freeze. Written by Damien Dante.

The movie Jezebeth has gained a lot of momentum this last year with the production of “Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun” and the controveral “R-Rated trailer” that had been leaked to the public.

The New BluRay Edition of Jezebeth includes an Excluve never before seen “Unrated” Directors Cut Movie Trailer for Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun, a Vampire Western, and the Latest in the Jezebeth Movie Series This special BluRay release also includes a muc video “The Demonic Solo” performed by Ex-Manowar Guitar Player David Shankle.

The movie’s soundtrack also features muc by Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) and Pamela Moore (Queensrÿche). The Jezebeth BluRay will be available in the US and Canada on March 27th, 2013 and is now available for Pre Order at Amazon by clicking HERE Source- IMDB

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