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Will A&E's Bates Motel spark interest in PSYCHO 5?

PSYCHO 4 left us with the sound of a baby crying, after Norman decides not to kill his pregnant wife. Well I think we all know where this was going.... PSYCHO 2,3 and 4 haven't even seen a bluray release in 10 years. But will the new A&E show spark interest in blurays of the sequels as well as a sequel to the original series ala TC3D?

Alex from HorrorBid horror podcast The Skeleton Crew and former co-host Michael J. started working on a script in 2010. Can this script be the way to go? Anthony Perkins is gone... what other logical direction can this go bedes a "Son of Norman Bates" angle? This can ealy be done wrong, lets face it.... Did they start this off the right way? Can this be a legit next insatallment that will breath new life into this franchise? Read on and find out!

PSYCHO 5 Son of Norman Bates

written by Alex Edwards (

and Michael J. (

We begin with a montage of clips (Quick Cuts) from PSYCHO I-IV showcang the work of Norman Bates Marion Crane, Arbogast, Mrs. Bates reveal, Mrs Spool, Girl In Phone Booth, Girl On Toilet, Duke, Maureen, Mrs. Bates' Corpse, tting In The Police car holding the hand, Norman's first kill, poisoning his Mother, house going up in flames. This montage should run between 60-90 seconds. CUT TO: INT. FAIRVALE COUNTY SANITARIUM - MORNING

ANDREW BATES is jarred from a sound sleep. He ts up straight on the cot in the padded room where he has spend the last ten years of his life. He is twenty -five but looks grizzled from years of shock treatment and sleepless nights. Sweat is running down his face and he is breathing heavy. The door to his room opens and two orderlies wearing white enter. Without a word they place shackles on ANDREW'S wrists and feet and lead him out of the room down a long hallway where he will change into more presentable attire. CUT TO: INT. FAIRVALE COURTHOUSE - SOME TIME LATER ANDREW is tting in the chambers of JUDGE GREENE with his doctor DONALD LOGAN and D.A. DIANE RYAN.

DR. LOGAN (whispers to ANDREW) Just shut up and let me do the talking. JUDGE GREENE enters and ts at his desk. JUDGE GREENE Good morning everyone. I've reviewed Mr. Bates' file and I'm confident this won't take long. DR. LOGAN I wouldn't be so sure your Honor. Andrew has made remarkable progress over the last eighteen months. DIANE RYAN And what progress would that be. I've read your reports. He seems the same as he was the last time we met. JUDGE GREENE I'd have to agree. He still acts as if he's not ready to re-enter society. A blank stare is all I see.

ANDREW looks down at the floor. DR. LOGAN There's more than that! I've worked with him for the past ten years and I can tell you with all certainty that he's made more progress in the last eighteen months than in the all of the ten years! JUDGE GREENE Dr. Logan I don't have time for this today. I haven't even heard him make a peep nce he was committed. DIANE RYAN You're Honor the state would like to recommend that Andrew Bates continue his term at Fairvale County Sanitarium. His case, pending approval, will be reviewed again eighteen months from now.

DR. LOGAN Thi-this isn't fair! You're not even listening to what I'm saying! JUDGE GREENE There's no need doctor. The decion has been made. Andrew Bates murdered his father. Case closed. In the ten years he's been here, I still don't think he understands the seriousness of his actions. ANDREW looks JUDGE GREENE in the eye. ANDREW I'm sorry. Judge Greene: Excuse me Andrew? Do you have anything to say before I make my final decion? Diane Ryan: Yes Andrew, tell us why you feel you have the mental stability to re enter society. Dr. Logan: I have instructed my patient to... Judge Greene: You're out of order Dr. Logan. I want to hear from Andrew not you. If Andrew Bates: I guess I'm not sure what I could say to convince you I am not the man I was 10 years ago. Judge Greene... if what you are asking me is whether or not I see the error of my ways... yes I do. If your asking to display a sane human being in a paragraph... well I don't think I am that well a speaker. I understand the difference from right and wrong. Under Dr. Logan's care I have learned to control any urges brought out by emotions I have had in the past. Just as every body has too. Even if you don't let me out of here. I would like to publicly thank the Doctor for restoring my sanity. I know if my father were alive today, he would also be grateful. Judge Greene eye's Andrew up and down for a few moments in deep thought. Judge Greene: Okay Andrew... Against my better judgment I am going to let you go. On one condition! You will have someone with you at all times. Farville will asgn someone to look after you for 6 months! And if you so much as pick up a knife too cut carrots, you'll be back in here faster than you can say "bye bye freedom" and you will never get out! Do I make myself clear? Andrew: Thank you Next scenes are Norman leaving the institution Ext. ANDREW’S PLACE – MORNING A car drives down the street and parks in front of ANDREW’S new place. DR.LOGAN and ANDREW get out of the car. ANDREW grabs a few bags the contain clothing and other odds and ends. DR. LOGAN All things condered, I think it went surpringly well this morning. ANDREW Yeah. They walk up the steps and DR. LOGAN unlocks the door to the house. Cut To: Int. ANDREW’S PLACE – CONTINUIOUS The door to the house opens and ANDREW and DR. LOGAN step inde. The house has been vacated for some time. This was the summerhouse that ANDREW and his mother and father vited during the summer, the house where ten years earlier ANDREW had murdered his father. DR. LOGAN Are you ok? ANDREW I’m just remembering. It’s been so long. The place really hasn’t changed. DR. LOGAN No one has been here nce it happened. If you’d feel more comfortable we can find another place ANDREW This is fine. ANDREW walks through the house at a slow pace letting his mind drift to happier times when he was an innocent. DR. LOGAN follows. As he walks we hear voiceovers of ANDREW and his father, NORMAN, from earlier years. ANDREW He may be gone, but my memories of him never die. DR. LOGAN It’s those memories…that drove you to kill! Cut To: Int. DR. LOGAN’S CAR – LATE MORNING ANDREW jumps up in the passenger seat as he is stirred from what seemed to be a restful sleep. DR. LOGAN You ok? ANDREW (Nervous laughter) I’m glad that was a dream. DR. LOGAN Seemed more like a nightmare. Ext. ANDREW’S PLACE - CONTINUOUS DR. LOGAN stops the car in front of the same house from ANDREW’S dream. They both get out of the car and ANDREW grabs bags containing his clothes and other personal belongings. DR. LOGAN takes the key to the house out of his pocket and gives it to ANDREW. ANDREW It looks the same. DR. LOGAN Well no one has been here nce it happened. DR. LOGAN and ANDREW walk up the front steps. ANDREW unlocks the front door and they enter the house. Int. ANDREW’S PLACE – CONTINUOUS ANDREW So many memories. It even smells the same. DR. LOGAN If you’re not comfortable we can find you another place. You don’t have to stay here. ANDREW No…I-I need to be here. DR. LOGAN Alright well Maggie should be here in awhile. She can help you get settled in. ANDREW looks at DR. LOGAN with a puzzled look on his face. DR. LOGAN (CON’D) The social worker…Asgned to you by the county. ANDREW Well... well what about you? DR. LOGAN I’ll be overseeing things, but for the next few months you’ll be spending the majority of your time with her. Don’t worry she’ll take good care of you. ANDREW (VO) It’s not her I’m worried about. ANDREW

It's just all happening so fast. Okay Doctor DR. LOGAN (smiles) You'll be fine Andrew. DR. LOGAN looks at his watch. DR. LOGAN Andrew, I’ve got to go. ANDREW But- DR. LOGAN I’ll come by and see you later in the week, if you need anything before then call. DR. LOGAN exits the house in a rush leaving ANDREW with nothing but his thoughts and memories of a past he’s desperately trying to forget. Cut To: Int. GYM – SOME TIME LATER MAGGIE, the social worker asgned to ANDREW, is working out. Her boyfriend, MAX, enters. JOE, an employee at the gym ts behind a desk. MAX Good morning! JOE I don’t see anything good about it. MAX notices MAGGIE, his girlfriend, on one of the machines at the far end of the gym. He walks over to her. MAX I missed you this morning. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen you much for the last week. MAGGIE It’s called work, Max. If you had a job you’d understand. MAX I have a job. MAGGIE Watching horror movies and posting your opinions on a message board is hardly something I would call a real job. MAGGIE finishes on the machine gets up and walks over to another one. MAX What’s up with you lately? I don’t understand why you’ve been so distant. MAGGIE I’m moving out…Only temporarily. For work. MAX What? How long’s temporarily? MAGGIE A few months. MAX That’s bullshit! A few of the other members and employees stop and look at MAX and MAGGIE. MAX (CON’D) Sorry. Everyone continues what they were doing. MAGGIE I was gonna tell you sooner, but I could never find the right moment. MAX Oh, and this was the right moment? MAX (CON’D) So where are you gonna be? MAGGIE I’ll be looking after someone. Kinda like a guardian angel. MAX So who is this lucky person? MAGGIE Andrew Bates MAX

What? Are you feeling well? The looney son of the psycho at the Bates Motel, are you nuts? You're going to sleep in the same house with a murderer? MAGGIE I guess there never is a right moment with you. This is why I avoided telling you this. I knew you'd get like this. MAX Get real Maggie... his father killed his own mother and kept her corpse in the bedroom window for 10 years. He killed like 15 people then stuffed another old woman and lived with her corpse. What kind of parenting do you think people like that are capable of? It's no wonder he killed his father. That's all he knows... MAGGIE He thought Norman was attacking his mother! After all he heard about his father from the kids at school and their parents what else was he supposed to think? MAX So you think it was rational to take a knife to his father? You think that's a normal reaction? MAGGIE Of course not Max! That's why he was locked up for 10 years! He paid his dues! Now I'm gonna do whatever I can to help him in the next few months because that's my job. Funny thing... you out of all people should understand the concept of a second chance. MAX That was a low blow... I thought we agreed not to throw the past in each others face? I thought you said you were willing to move forward and ... MAGGIE I did... I just don't know what it will take for you to see my point of view. Maybe if you were able to relate to the flaws of someone's past... MAX

Whoa whoa what? You're gonna compare me hanging out with my ex girlfriend on my 60th night alone while you were taking care of some other nut job, to killing your father? MAGGIE I'll call you later... Maggie finishes and walks into the dresng room. Cut To: Int. DR. LOGAN'S OFFICE – LATER DR.LOGAN is in his office going through paperwork. Suddenly, Sheriff John Hunt Jr. bursts into the office in a huff. DR. LOGAN Good afternoon sheriff. What can I do for you? SHERIFF You think you're hot shit don't you? DR. LOGAN What's that supposed to mean? SHERIFF Andrew Bates...You think he's better? You think you cured him? DR. LOGAN Andrew is much better now. SHERIFF Well you didn't see what I saw. If you'd have seen what he did to his father. There'd be no question in your mind. That boy ain't right. DR. LOGAN I know what he did sheriff and while I can see where you're coming from the argument isn't valid. SHERIFF (CON'D) I'll be watching that son of a bitch and if anything happens, you'll be the one who'll take the fall. The sheriff exits the office.

SCENE WRITTEN IN OUT OF SEQUENCE Meg Night Out First Kill Max calls up Meg from work, he feels guilty about yelling at Meg and wants to make it up to her by taking her out to eat. Meg Hello Max Hey sweety, look I just wanted to say, I know I over reacted. You are doing what you have to do and I know that you know what your doing. You have shown you have good judgment your whole life and I have no reason in the world to doubt you. Meg (Smiles) Thanks, I'm sorry I walk out on you too. You know that this is important to me. I really wanna help. Max I know you do and I guess I just wish it wasn't all so extreme. I mean helping a guy who needs adjusting to the world after having gooraphobia or something is one thing. But this guy... Meg (Sarcastic throat clear) Um I thought you were calling to apologize? Max I'm sorry.. I'm sorry... like I said, you know what you're doing. Look I wanna make it up to you. How about you let me take you out to dinner tonight? Meg You know I have to stay here Max. He is under my care for the next 6 months. I can't just leave him alone for a night out. You knew this... you knew this getting into the relationship. Anyway after what you did last time I was gone for only 3 months... Max Are you bringing that up again? Meg... it was a thoughtless decion I admit that but we already established nothing happen. Meg Did we? Flashback to Meg and Max fighting about the night Meg found out Max's ex g/f hung out at his house while Meg was away for 3 months. Max: Look I just want you to know something. Before you hear it from anyone else and it looks like I'm hiding something. Meg: What are you talking about? Max:

Well you know how we agreed that if we were friends with our ex before we met that we'd respect each other past enough to let us remain friends because we trust each other? Meg:

Yea... Max:

Well while you were away for 3 months I got kinda lonely and invited Kel over to catch up. We didn't sleep together and she didn't even sleep over. Meg:

Oh and I'm supposed to believe that and continue on with you like nothing happened? Max:

Nothing did happen. Meg:

Well I'm not sure that I believe you Max:

Well you should Meg:

Well I don't! Max has a blank stare on his face Max:

Okay.... Flashback fades out. Meg:

It's just still hard for me you know? Max Of course. So will you come out tonight? Meg Max... I told you... Max Find a way... please... try... Meg I'll try... Max Thanks Meg They hang up. Meg turns and out of the corner of her eye see's Andrew with a shiny object in his hand. The glare hit her eye and she looks at him and see's a butcher knife in Andrews hand. She falls back. The camera goes back to Andrew and it's just a cooking pan. Andrew I didn't mean to scare you Meg. I just wanted to ask you if you would like some of what i am having for lunch. Meg has a look of relief on her face. Andrew It's not much just some toasted cheese sandwiches and milk. I thought it would be nice if we could have lunch together. I haven't had much company for lunch in a while. Meg Of course Andrew (nervous laugh) I just didn't expect you to be standing there. How long where you there? Andrew Oh I just walked over a second before you hung up the phone. Meg Oh... good. Great, I'll be there in a minute. Andrew smiles and walks away. Meg begins to talk to herself. Meg He's okay now.. he's okay now. Max is making me crazy with his talk.

::::::::::::WRITE A DINNER SCENE:::::::::::::::::

Andrew Falls asleep from his drug induced drink. Meg get ready and walks out the door and Max is there with his car meeting her. Max I still don't know why you insted in us taking my car. Meg I told you I am not allowed to leave Andrew alone yet. If someone drives by to check up on me I want them to see my car in the driveway. Max Ohhh, good idea. They kiss and drive way. Camera pans to Andrews window and dream sequence begins. Andrew is having dreams of his child hood before he was locked away. All we see is his POV as a boy and flashes of tan pants wherever Norman stood during each flash back but it goes back to emptiness while you hear Andrews voice ask his dad questions. (Details to be written) Andrew wakes up and yells for Meg who never shows up. He walks to the bathroom and stares in the mirror. Washes his face and calls for Meg downstairs. He then goes down stairs and even out the front door. See's her car still there so he thinks she around somewhere. We walks down toward the street and a car's tire pops. Spins... Andrew walks over to it to offer help. The guy comes out of the car drunk. Andrew: Are you okay? Drunk Of course I'm okay... Hey help me out will ya. Andrew Sure, do you have a spare? Drunk Yea I gotta pop it from the inde. I gotta make a call to my buddy and let him know I'll be late too. The trunk opens and Andrew is trying to get the spare tire out. Drunk Hey Tommy, yea I almost killed myself on the way to your house. No I popped a tire ya jerk off. Yea I'm on Perkins Drive a couple blocks away. The drunk looks in his rear view mirror and thinks he recognizes Andrew from the papers. Drunk Lemme call you back Drunk puts his phone on the dash board and get's out of the car and walks over to Andrew. Drunk Hey I know you... you're the son of that looney in the motel. That's who you are I read about you in the papers. Everyone in Fareville should name a holiday after you kid. You offed one of the most loathsome pieces of shit who ever walked the earth. I bet every night was Halloween at your house until you did him in. Andrew You don't know anything about my father. Drunk Yea... you're father. I'm talking to a guy who killed his own father. You must be a pretty ck son of a bitch yourself huh? Andrew glares at him Drunk Whoa hey... c'mon... let's not get cra uh angry here. I gotta tell Tommy who I ran into, he wont believe this. The drunk turns to walk back to the front seat where he put his phone. On his way there he trips on the crow bar. Drunk Jesus Christ... hey Psycho gimme a hand. He looks behind him and Andrew is not there. Suddenly the door is slammed and crushes the drunks head. He collapses and blood runs down the street.

the script isnt as bad as you thought it would be huh? I think this can work... what do you think?
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