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"Adjust Your Tracking" The Untold Story of the VHS Collector Documentary

I recently came across an awesome new poster for a documentary called "Adjust Your Tracking" on Facebook and the poster art (created by Devon Whitehead) instantly grabbed my attention. The new documentary, by Dan Kinem and Levi "Dabeedo" Peretic, takes an in-depth look at VHS collectors, enthuasts and distributors all across the country. I decided to contact Dan Kinem in order to get more information on this proming looking project. Here is what he had to say.

Out of our (me

and Levi "Dabeedo" Peretic) love for VHS we decided that the world of video collectors needed to be exposed and shown off. We wanted to make a movie that shows why people still cherish what many call a dead format. Two years ago we shot our first interviews and nce then we have collected over 100 more interviews, over a thousand hours of footage, and traveled across the entire country. We raised nearly $4,000 in order to cover the gas that it would cost to drive around the whole country collecting interviews. We documented the trip through pictures on our webte (behind the scenes video from this trip will be used for a behind the scenes documentary on the DVD).

We got interviews with as many collectors and people who love the format as we could, but we also talked to people who are involved in releang new VHS or who were greatly affected by VHS in their lives. We talked to people like Lloyd Kaufman (who released Toxic Avenger on VHS), Fred Vogel (who released Last House on a Dead End Street), Gary Cohen (who's Mama's Home and Video Violence are both highly collectible VHS), Tony Timpone who remembered video fondly, Sam Sherman (who owned Super Video!), Zack Carlson (who produced The American Scream), Mike McPadden (the head writer for Mr. Skin, which still uses VHS rips on their webte today), Mike Raso (who runs Camp Motion Pictures), and over 100 collectors from around the whole country who share a love of this format.

I was also interested in why, like so many others, Dan had such a pason for the VHS format and was curious as to examples of movies that play better on VHS than DVD: I have been a huge film fan nce I was very young. I still remember when I got a TV in my room with a built in VCR. It was so tiny I could barely see it, but I used to take a new movie from my parents' VHS collection each night and watch it. That love for film never went away and when I began realizing how many amazing movies there were on VHS that would probably never make the jump to DVD I started building up my own personal collection and falling in love with it all over again. nce then I have become obsessed with it. So much fun comes with getting a new VHS, popping it in, starring at the cover art, watching the trailers, hunting for tapes with my friends, uncovering movies that no one knows about, etc. It truly manages to be an exciting and new experience with each tape I get, all the while reminding me of some of the best times of my youth. I could go on forever about why VHS is mind-blowing in every way.

Well, for me, if the movie was shot on video or released directly to video then watching it on DVD makes literally no sense. The only aspects of DVD that lend themselves to those types of movies are the fact you can have special features to learn more about the making of them. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense. And movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Basket Case, and I Spit on Your Grave are best watched on VHS because the quality adds a whole level of grittiness and scariness to the movies. Watching a crystal clear print on DVD just takes some of the sleaze and terror out of those movies and makes them not as great.

It is great to see that this a a true project done out of pason and respect for the VHS format by these filmmakers. The film is currently being booked for screenings and looking to enter various festivals, so check the link ahead to stay up with screening dates or to book the film for a screening." class="photoborder" />

For more information about the project including a production blog, screenings, new and more vit Below is the initial trailer for the documentary.
CreeperJeeper24 Saturday 3/16/2013 at 08:44 PM | 100438
I'm more than a little ashamed to say 90% of my VHS collection went to the dump 3/4years ago as I needed the space and had no takers, many years of collecting gave me a large collection of oddities and rarities now all that remains in my collection are their inlay sleeves. I'll definatly be watching this documentry.
krsdacritter Monday 3/18/2013 at 10:07 AM | 100444