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New Indie Drama/Horror FILM

The Indie Drama/Horror film "Cyclical Effect" is now available to order on DVD

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The film stars Russ Croley, Shannon Sylvia, Michelle Tomlinson, Melantha Blackthorne, Bianca Barnett, Lilith Stabs, Andrea Collins, Dawn Lyn, Kayla Perkins, Donald Farmer, Shauna Tackett, Tiffany Apan, Dustin Risley, Jared Sullivan, and Catherine Holder.

“Cyclical Effect” is a drama/horror film shot in TN, KY, AND IL. It’s the story of Ian that goes through a downward spiral as he loses control of everything solid in his life. He must reinvent himself and tries to find a perfect match on a dating webte but all the while a killer preys on him and his friends.

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