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Careful Who You Wish For- Upcoming Thriller "Crush" Trailer & Info Is Here!

Oh the joys of being a teenager. Thinking back on it all, crushes seemed so very common, and so very innocent. This is not the case in this particular film. "Crush" explores the emotions that come along with adolescence. Let's face it, heartbreak can be very cruel and sometimes the dark de that lurks within the creature known as the human being can be the most horrible thing of all. Check out the information along with the trailer for this upcoming thriller.

Synops: “High school heartthrob Scott has it all; good looks, popularity… and a secret admirer. But what starts out as a seemingly innocent crush soon turns deadly. Who’s responble? Scott’s long time friend Jules, frustrated with their platonic relationship? Bess, a shy classmate, increangly jealous of his friendship with Jules? Or Jeffrey, a bright outcast whose crush on Bess has lead him to become increangly obsesve? One thing’s certain, time’s running out and Scott must uncover the psychotic stalker before it’s too late.”

The film stars Lucas Till (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, TRUE BLOOD), Crystal Reed (SKYLINE), Sarah Bolger (THE TUDORS), and Leigh Whannell (SAW,INDIOUS).

"Crush" arrives onto DVD and Blu-Ray on April 9, 2013 Via Millennium Entertainment.

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