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GHOSTFACE Is Back In R.J. Torbert's Upcoming Novel 'The Face of Fear'

If you're a fan of the Scream franchise, this bit of news which I'm about to disclose with my fingers may be right down your alley. So listen up, and get ready to click your heels in excitement.

Word has arrived today that Woodsboro's legendary antagonist Ghostface is back once again and will be featured in author R.J. Torbert's latest novel

The Face of Fear. Read on for more after the jump.

Arguably the most recognizable face in the history of horror movies comes back as a novel; Ghostface, the mysterious antagonist with an ever-changing identity and constantly shifting motives, is back. This time the setting is Long Island, and the enigma is more intense than ever. The Face of Fear tells the story of an inexplicable kidnapping that sets off a horrible series of events that shakes not only the village of Port Jefferson but the entire nation—and the reader.

A mysterious kidnapping leads to a series of murders in The Face of Fear. Pressure mounts and complications arise as the local police force rushes to solve the case before it is too late, caung the characters to question both themselves and their ultimate purpose. With unforgettable characters and a tense, gritty plot, The Face of Fear is a haunting mix of horror and emotion that provides mind-bending inght into the nature of fear and truth.

"The Face of Fear reintroduces Ghostface to the world, and you'll never think of him (or her — or them) in the same way again... Equal parts horror and heart, The Face of Fear draws readers in with its complex characters and chilling plot, only to prove that nobody is safe — or beyond suspicion. With The Face of Fear, Ghostface makes the trantion from screen to page, proving that true terror is found between the lines." — Hartford Book Examiner

R.J. Torbert has been a key figure in the behind-the-scenes history of the mask nce 1996, including being responble for the legal "baptism" of the name Ghostface and The Icon of Halloween trademarks. In addition to being a veteran of the Armed Forces, Torbert is the co-executive producer of the photo-sharing app ghtings: Ghostface. He lives in New York with his family.
Anonymous Wednesday 3/27/2013 at 12:00 AM | 100561
Love this, can't wait to read it!! Nice picture by the way, Brian.
JohnCorley92 Wednesday 3/27/2013 at 05:11 AM | 100566
Bout to buy this for some Kindle reading this weekend! Super excited!
allycat2488 Friday 3/29/2013 at 03:36 AM | 100587