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New Indie Horror Film - "THE TRUCK" by Lee Vervoort

Hello to the Bidite world. I wanted to stop in nce we have a day off due to weather conditions and give you an update of our new film "The Truck" currently in production.

All I can really say is that my actors and crew are really coming through like champs and sticking with me. The weather has been cold the whole time and the filming is rigorous as we only have a skeleton crew going. However, the shots that are being captured are looking really good and as long as we keep that up well be in good shape.

There are many "war stories" we will have to share once were done, such as both vehicles breaking down and such. The Fairlane story is especially funny.

Here are some behind the scenes photos wed like to share with you until we have time to get more material out. Thank you for reading and looking forward to entertaining you with the final product.

Lee Vervoort: writer/director/producer



Rachelle Graber as: Alice Mason" class="photoborder" />

J.M. Morris as: Roger Newman

Tim Emery as: "Sheriff Jack Bishop"

Andy Grace as: Deputy Clarence Bishop

The Car

"Cameras Rolling"

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