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"The House of Seven Corpses" & "House On Straw Hill" To Blu-ray/DVD

It's always nice to see some of our favorite, perhaps forgotten or never known of films being brought to life again into the digital world for us to enjoy. On June 11th, Severin Films is releang two cult horror movies to Blu-ray and DVD.

Details and cover art for "The House of Seven Corpses" and "House On Straw Hill" are below.

The House of Seven Corpses: Hollywood legends John Ireland (Red River, Satan’s Cheerleaders), John Carradine (The Grapes of Wrath, Vampire Hookers) and Howard Hughes paramour Faith Domergue (Cult of the Cobra, This Island Earth) star in this much-loved 70s shocker about a film crew shooting an occult drama in a nister manor (actually the former Utah Governor’s Manon with its own grisly history of family bloodshed). Newly transferred in HD from original vault materials and featuring an excluve archive interview with the legendary horror icon John Carradine as well as a revealing new audio commentary.

Bonus Features:

Excluve Interview With Star John Carradine

Audio Commentary With Associate Producer Gary Kent, Moderated By The Alamo Drafthouse’s Lars Nilsen Theatrical Trailer

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House On Straw Hill: Banned in Britain for thirty years, House On Straw Hill is a shockingly violent and erotic tale of seduction, brutality and revenge. Cult movie icon Udo Kier (Mark Of The Devil, The Theatre Bizarre) stars as a successful novelist suffering from writer’s block, who rents a country cottage in the hope of finding inspiration. But the arrival of a sensual secretary, played by Linda Hayden (Blood on Satan’s Claw, Taste the Blood Of Dracula) sets in motion a chain of bizarre events that culminate in an unrestrained exploon of sex and savagery. Also known as Exposé and condemned as a Video Nasty in the UK, this sleazy clasc from Brian Smedley-Aston (Vampyres) and co-starring the notorious Fiona Richmond – Britain’s No.1 sex symbol – is now fully restored from the only uncut elements and is available for the first time in the U.S. with brand new extras.

Bonus Features:

Audio Commentary with director James Kenelm Clarke and producer Brian Smedley-Aston All-new interviews with director James Kenelm Clarke and star Linda Hayden Theatrical Trailer

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