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Guillermo Del Toro, Jessica Chastain AND Emma Stone Are Attached to "Crimson Peak"

Other cast members include Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlie Hunnam, who you may have seen in the films "Cold Mountain" "The Hobbit" and "War Horse." Both Cumberbatch (Hobbit and War Horse) and Hunnam's (Cold Mountain and Sons of Anarchy) rolls in the films are undisclosed at the moment.

Not much is known at the moment, bedes who is in it, who is directing it and that it will be a haunted house thriller. I for one can smell greatness from here, and if its anything like Toro's last horror film "Mama" im sure we will be satisfied. Mix in the acting chops of Stone and Chastain and i think we have ourselves a winner.

Filming isnt scheduled to begin until Feb 2014, making a release date probably close to October of 2014. So be on the look out for more information as time passes, as im sure this film will be one we will all be interested in.
JohnCorley92 Monday 4/08/2013 at 08:57 PM | 100672