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Dante Tomaselli Talks About The Alice, Sweet Alice Remake, Kathryn Morris Cast As Lead

With the upcoming remake of Alice, Sweet Alice finally in the developmental stages, New Jersey born director Dante Tomaselli caught up with the online te The Inquitr, to reveal the first bit of casting news along with some additional tidbits regarding the upcoming project:

"Kathryn Morris

(pictured below) will star as Catherine Spages, Alice’s mother," reveals Tomaselli. "Kathryn was the lead in the CBS series Cold Case and had a role as Tom Cruise’s wife in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. She’s like a chameleon — totally versatile. Slips right into a role. Her character in Alice is modeled after the original Catherine Spages, played by Linda Miller. In keeping with the spirit of the original, Kathryn’s character will look and feel milar, strikingly beautiful, perfectly sculpted dark hair, fiercely protective of her children and plagued by deep Catholic guilt."

"The next important casting step is to confirm her husband’s character, Dominic Spages," he adds. "We have some actors on our radar. Once we have her husband in place, then, the rest of the family — namely Alice — crystallizes. Finding the right Alice will be a mison."


In regards to his decion to remake the 1976 clasc as opposed to opting to film a sequel. Tomaselli added, "Well, I wouldn’t want to continue the story of Alice, Sweet Alice. It ended on just the right ambiguous note. Mainly, there are all these remakes of horror clascs these days. And Alfred was getting offers. He sent me some of the scripts and they were awful. He said, “Dante, you direct it, you create this.” I was so happy and relieved to hear it from his lips because I’m fiercely protective of the film. I started to write a script, but never finished. Years passed and I directed my recent film, Torture Chamber."

"Once that was completed I started dreaming of Alice again. Alfred contacted me and said there was a posble investor. This turned out to be a false alarm but I’m glad it happened because it got me to finally work on the script. It put a fire under me. I knew I needed a co-writer so I immediately thought of Michael Gingold, managing editor of Fangoria Magazine."

"We wrote a screenplay in the past together and it was a terrific experience. So he came on as co-writer and that’s when the script was created. Mike brought so much to the table, a natural communicator, a wordsmith — an expert on horror cinema. Needless to say, he was a huge help. I’m more of a visual storyteller and score composer than anything else. I gave him top billing as one of the writers. Once the script was finally finished, there was little doubt that we made the right decion to write the screenplay."


As far as cameos are concerned, Tomaselli revealed, "Alfred has a direct line to Brooke Shields. I hope there’s the posbility of a cameo. The original was her very first feature film. Paula Sheppard, the original Alice in a cameo? That’s something I’d love to make happen to please fans of the original, if it’s posble. How old is she now? She’s a bit of an enigma. I was also thinking of Mildred Clinton but sadly she passed away a few years ago."


When asked about the setting and which characters would be involved, Tomaselli replied,

"All of the same characters for the most part." And in regards to changes in this modern veron, "milar tuations, though sometimes different outcomes. Wouldn’t it be boring to know what’s coming next? Definitely some new surprises, but I can’t reveal. You won’t know where it’s going. As far as locations, it’s working-class Italian Catholic Paterson, New Jersey. The main difference is whereas the original was set in the 60s, the new one will be in the 70s."


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Source: The Inquitr
Anonymous Tuesday 4/16/2013 at 03:28 AM | 100732
I love the original and will remain hopefully optimistic about the remake. I hope that they don't shy away from the weird sexual undertones (and in some cases, overtones) of the story.
Preston Eleven Tuesday 4/16/2013 at 05:34 PM | 100736