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UNDEAD APOCALYPSE: A film by The Brothers Nunez; Now Available on Amazon!

UNDEAD APOCALYPSE, an independent horror/disaster feature film produced in Orlando, Florida, is now available for rent and purchase on Amazon Instant Video for as low as $1.99!

The film is also available on Amazon on DVD. You can follow the links on the IMDb page if you're interested in checking it out. There's also more info on the movie there as well:

Or you can also order the Special Edition Two-Disc Set on the film's official webte:

The movie was a labor of love, referencing clasc films in the disaster and horror genres yet with a modern flair and injected with heart, themes of perseverance and courage despite the odds. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks everything you all do for indie film!

-Danny Nunez Producer/Director
thebrothersnunez Wednesday 4/17/2013 at 09:43 PM | 100744