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Review: State of Emergency

I won this copy on the HB contest. Thank you HB and SOE.

SOE entails a man who after long his better half in a quest to survive an epidemic that turns the living into the raging, does whatever it takes to survive and move on.

After receiving a phone call in his shelter, Jim Jay Hayden proceeds to a warehouse where a man and two other women are held up with a supply of food, etc.

After that its mostly a storyline of the four survivors sticking together and doing their best to get through it all. As far as any major zombie/infected person attacks, they are minimal. This could be due to budget/time constraints which is understandable. The action is also minimal, yet the cinematographer and director manage to pull off a bit of visual excellence and suspense with their clever timing/angles/focus pulls/etc.

The acting wasnt A-list quality, but it wasnt the bottom of the barrel either. Acting isnt as easy as it seems. It requires a special talent that some have naturally, and takes others years to perfect. I think the director did a fine job with everyone overall...which is also a challenging task. I know this personally

...which moves me along to the overall quality of the film. The lighting/sound/foley/effects were all well done as far as Im concerned.

Continuity was good, I didnt catch any bloopers, but then again, I dont nitpick a movie just to see what I can find as far as....

The DVD front cover art is almost a bit hokey but crisp and clear nonetheless. The back of the cover art is equally crisp and clear with the proper display of the films contents, i.e. your standard screen captured row of shots with a larger scene above it. The writing/description of the film is an easy to read font.

In clong, I think this film was well done for what it is. Kudos to the cast and crew actually finishing the project and getting it out to the masses.

Note to the viewers; if youre looking for an action packed zombie fest, dont look here. If youre into the zombie genre and dont mind a story driven film with good quality, this is for you.

Thank you for reading.
aceofspades70 Wednesday 4/24/2013 at 03:29 AM | 100777