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Hybrids AKA "The Unnatural" Teaser Trailer 2!

Hello fellow horror friends,

The second teaser trailer is now available for my new project "Hybrids", previously titled The Unnatural.


A suspense/horror short which looks at the consequences of scientists taking their ability to create life too far, bringing about death and destruction to the human race.

One man, Kris Dandrige, will awaken to the find that the world around him is forever changed and that he must fight to stay alive.

In addition, the Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE and accepting donations.

We plan on submitting the short film to Freakshow Horror Film Festival in October this year and can only do so with the support of the horror community.

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Please check out the new trailer and don't forget to LIKE the Official Hybrids Movie Page.

Thank you so much for your support!

Andrew Lee Shelton

Official Movie Page
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