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Official Teaser for Tis the Season of the Witch

The official teaser for the upcoming 80s horror-adventure film, 'Tis the Season of the Witch' has been released.

'Tis the Season of the Witch (also known as SVW) is a horror-adventure flick set in 1985 and will be jam packed with old school practical effects and make-up.

Plot Outline: An ancient power struggle between warring spirits is about to be rekindled in the most unlikely of places: a small-town high school in the Midwest. Now Charlie, his best friend Griz, and amateur reporter Phoebe must unlock the mystery, stop the evil forces that threaten the school, and save prom all in one, blood-soaked night.

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SVW is currently gearing up for casting with principal photography

scheduled for late 2013. SVW will be directed by Brett DeJager (Legend of Cooley Moon).

For more information you can vit
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