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Sector 7 - good movie, bad ripoff? review *spoilers*

First time I watched a trailer for this movie I saw monsters galore and a bloody romp on an oil rig. Bac formula with near instant success if the monster looks like hot shit. These monsters definitely looked like some pretty hot shit. Slimy snail like skin, nasty cracked mandibles, more teeth than a Langolier can shake a stick and prehenle tentacles. That and a giant raw red fleshed beast that looks straight up like a walking blender that just got finished with a room full of bodies.

The monster - When viewing the movie, be warned that the trailer was made before the final draft of the film. There is now one monster to terrorize the film and it is bad ass. That said, I can't help but feel that some extreme liberties were taken with an already established monster from a gnificantly worse film and then prettied up with cg and extra digits. One bum flipper and an off kilter gait from an off kilter raised forelimb that drags its masve bulk while its serpentine neck does its buness. It definitely does the job better than its more than a decade old practically underground predecessor but it does nag me a bit. ?t=1370034746

The characters - Being a subbed movie can certainly skew an opinion of character development as it is now in the hands of the translation to convey the characters. I still can't help but feel that most if not all of the ones portrayed in the film are poorly fleshed out caricatures of stereotypical archetypes. Badass heroine who doesn't take shit and openly follows her instinct despite numerous failures and apparently overwhelming lack of substantial proof that she isn't wasting her time. Her boyfriend apparently lives on the rig and yet somehow can't work up the guts to try to propose. Awkward comedic relief character who is the epitome of peon for the crew and a few other unremarkable characters who all but fade into oblivion without enough personality to be condered human. Lest I forget the father figure who seems to be on board to do nothing but offer sage advise while still being largely unhelpful, he exists too.

The sound - atmospherically this film had a solid soundtrack and there were a few parts that really set up some intense moments. Some parts were quiet and creepy while the right ones were in your face and powerful. There are several times when things come to a head where the muc stands out and really pushes the envelope on driving the film while others it takes the backseat and lets your mind do its thing. The effects were spot on and some bone crunching hits are pounded home with a punch. The sound department was on its A game even if the writing wasn't on the level.

The story - Giant monster, oil rig, stereotype cannon fodder crew and a twist. Why is it then that I like this movie? It's a b-movie with a big budget monster with a perfect setting and a decent camera and lighting crew. Ade from a couple hard to swallow and out of place motorcycle sequences the action is solid and enjoys showing off the true reason this movie was made. The monster is fantastic, it's large and clumsy and you can feel the weight that it brings to the sets despite being a digital creature. The camera trembles when it slams its bulk around, it knocks shit around like it's on the set and it brings an increang sense of irritation leading to rage as the film progresses. It starts out nonchalant as it mply hunts for food but as the crew start to bring it down, it gets more frantic and personal. By the end you can feel the seething hatred that this thing exudes towards its foes and whether it lives or dies it is taking them with it.


On a 10 scale I can give it a solid 7. The monster was fantastic, the blood and gore was fairly impresve and the camera work was worth a watch. -ironblade
ironblade87 Friday 5/31/2013 at 08:17 PM | 100914