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Paramount Gets Rights Back To Friday The 13th Films! New Friday within 5 years?

Many Friday The 13th fans have been wondering what the long delay is with the Friday The 13th sequel that so many people want to see happen. Delays and rights issues seemed to be at the forefront of the problems, but some huge news just broke today that lends a little inght into why! Check out the bomb that the Hollywood Reporter just dropped on everyone.

When Paramount and Warner Bros. teamed up on Christopher Nolan’s latest movie project,Interstellar, in January, some wondered how Warners made its way on board a project set up at a rival studio.

Now, months later,The Hollywood Reporter has learned more about the price that Warners had to pay in exchange for half the Nolan project. The cast of characters includes Friday the 13th villain Jason Voorhees as well as the foul-mouthed kids from South Park.

Warners, which released Nolan’s megagrosng Batman movies and maintains an overall deal with his Syncopy label, wanted in on Interstellar so badly it gave Paramount its rights to co-finance the next Friday the 13th horror film as well as its portion of a future South Park movie. Also part of the deal was an agreement to let Paramount co-finance a to-be-determined A-list Warners property.

Warner Bros. and Paramount declined to comment on the arrangement.

However, there is a catch: Sources say Paramount only enjoys the rights for both titles for the next five years and has that amount of time to make follow-up movies.

This is huge! I bet we see a new Friday The 13th film coming very, very soon with Paramount having a 5 year window to fully finance their own Friday The 13th film

We got a SCRIPT if they need one viewtopic.php?f=308&t=23452&p=99654#p99654

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TheSkeletonCrew Wednesday 6/05/2013 at 08:40 PM | 100932
Hooray! Jason is back at the studio that made him. Now if only they could just make a good Friday the 13th movie I'd be in Heaven.

Please don't do ANYTHING like that god awful remake we were handed a few years ago. Try for something good this time.
Boisv Wednesday 6/05/2013 at 09:47 PM | 100934
Hopefully they'll make a sequel every year for those 5 years.That will give us 5 sequels to the remake.That would be awesome.
horrorlord Wednesday 6/05/2013 at 09:58 PM | 100935
I'm just hoping for a Blu-Ray Boxset.
Dimiter Wednesday 6/05/2013 at 10:02 PM | 100937
The 13th Friday The 13th
DoubleshotJ Wednesday 6/05/2013 at 10:17 PM | 100939
I'd really like to see them ignore the remake as well as Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, and Freddy vs. Jason. Make a sequel to part 8. And keep the series going from there. At least for a few years while they have the rights.
Pinhead Sunday 6/09/2013 at 05:36 PM | 100952
I agree with you, Pinhead! Jason is finally back at his familiair home..not the new home he supposed to have found at New Line or Platinum Dunes..they had their chance and screwed it up...I'd love to see the next film picking up at the end of part VIII..if Friday the 13th is back home, they could ignore the other sequels and make an old fashioned direct sequel, instead of sending him to space, or have him slither inde the vagina of his dead ster...( although I did enjoy JGHT)
UberJason78 Monday 6/10/2013 at 04:48 PM | 100959