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Trailer For "100 Bloody Acres" - They're Not Psycho Killers, They're Small Business Owners

In "100 Bloody Acres", brothers Reg and Lindsay Morgan are trying to keep their organic blood and bone fertilizer buness alive. Their secret “recipe” is ung dead victims in their products and was a huge success. However as of late their supply has been running low.

Months have passed nce their last find, and a

new customer is now waiting on a delivery.

When junior partner Reg (Damon Herriman of Justified) runs across 3 travelers stranded on a remote country road, he comes up with a solution to their problem, and a way of finally earning the respect of his bossy big brother (Angus Sampson). When Reg starts to fall for Sophie, one of the intended victims, things begin getting complicated.

"100 Bloody Acres"

will be the 2nd horror/comedy from Muc Box’s Doppelganger Films this year. The label seems to have the knack for bloody good fun. This strange genre should be a blast.

"100 Bloody Acres" is set for limited release On Demand June 28th.


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