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Bigfoot, Myth Or Reality? A First Look At The Trailer For "Willow Creek"

Director Bobcat Goldthwait’s "Willow Creek" is on it's way. From the looks of the trailer, it will be a fine attempt at a posbly great movie. If you dig found footage as well as the legacy of a Sasquatch, then this all may interest you. Wikipedia states the release date is April 29, 2013.

The official trailer awaits just below.

As previously stated by Bobcat Goldthwait;

"Willow Creek will be a found footage film about bigfoot. Perhaps there’s been too many of those recently, but this one isn’t a schlocky horror picture. Goldthwait has apparently mixed satire with some suspense and, overall, his film is apparently rather driven by “exploring the idea of bearing witness."


Source- Youtube

Source- Wikipedia
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