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Season One Of "Bates Motel" Is Coming to Blu-ray & DVD In September!!

When "Bates Motel" hit the screens in our homes it launched something fresh and new. My honest opinion is that it is very addictive. Did you happen to miss this smash hit televion series? For those of you who's answer is yes to the previous question then have no fear because the first season of this hypnotic retelling of the clasc story is on it's way to Blu-ray and DVD.

From the Press Release:

Academy Award® nominee Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) star in ”Bates Motel”: Season One, a contemporary prequel to the genre-defining film, Psycho. ”Bates Motel”: Season One will be available to own on Blu-ray and DVD, each with Digital including Ultraviolet on September 17, 2013 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

From the producers of “Lost” and “Friday Night Lights” comes the “moody, twisty, creepy and gloriously insane” (Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times) “Bates Motel”: Season One. This re-imagining of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s beloved masterpieces weaves a web of deception, murder, and unexpected twists in a small town where nothing is what it seems.

“Bates Motel”: Season One also stars Nestor Carbonell (Lost), Max Thieriot (House at the End of the Street), Mike Vogel(Cloverfield), Nicola Peltz (The Last Airbender) and Olivia Cooke (Blackout). Filled with gruesome horrors, nail-biting suspense, and an eerie visual landscape ideal for Blu-ray™ Hi-Def, experience all 10 episodes back-to-back and uninterrupted of the hit series critics say is “imposble to look away” (Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times). The Blu-ray™ and DVD also include a set of collector cards featuring artwork from the show (“Jiao’s Sketchbook”) for a limited time only.

“Bates Motel” was A&E’s most-watched original drama series debut in the network’s history. Be sure to watch more drama unfold with season two on A&E in 2014.

Special Features:


FEATURETTE: Paley Center Panel Discuson with the Cast and Creative Team

wabisabi333 Sunday 6/30/2013 at 04:20 AM | 101056
Yes!!! Got to have hasn't been on televion here, so I hope it will come in stores here
UberJason78 Monday 7/01/2013 at 09:55 AM | 101060