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What Would You Do If Your Religion Was Defiled? Very Disturbing Trailer - "Perseveration"

We have a very horrific brand new teaser trailer for Adam Sotelo’s upcoming film "Perseveration". It is very demented and brutally shocking to say the least. That's what horror is all about though, delving into new and twisted places. There is no confirmed release date for "Perseveration" as of yet, but the source says to expect this one in October, 2013.


"A young boy (Joshua)’s journey into survival after being born into an inbred religious cult quickly turns sour. Locked in a cage, starved, & beaten his whole life he witnesses a murder in the church where he has been held captive. Being taught a skewed religion & being held captive takes a tole on his mentality as he grows into a monster. Acting out on his disgusting, depraved & violent urges towards the “Non believers” as he was brought up in the quiet abandoned town in Hancock New york Where The inbred cult family lived. With a face hidden from society for so long, a tortured soul, And a skewed belief, he roams the streets looking for the next nner to cross his path. So… We ask you.. What would you do if your religion was defiled?"


Source- Youtube
wabisabi333 Sunday 6/30/2013 at 08:23 PM | 101058