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Coming To Blu-ray/DVD "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 20th Anniversary Edition!

Walt Disney’s "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is receiving the special treatment that it deserves. It is such a great movie for audiences old and young, and it is exciting to know that the film is approaching it's 20th anniversary. Word has just came in that this clasc flick will once again be coming to DVD & Blu-ray in celebration of it's 20 years of existence on September 10th.

The film will be available in two verons, a 3-disc 3D/BD/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack and a 2-disc BD/DVD combo pack.

"While special features are unknown, we’re told that the upcoming release will feature excluve special features. So hopefully, if you have previously brought this on DVD or Blu-ray in the past, this one should have some new features."

wabisabi333 Monday 7/01/2013 at 08:04 PM | 101062